Durden out, Williams and Gaylor in!

Hallsy at 630 reported tonight that Reggie Durden is indeed a scratch for next game. In his place newcomer Roosevelt Williams(who looked very impressive in training camp). Apparently Gaylor is in as well, more than likely in place of Richard Alston. Hopefully sitting on the bench for 5 weeks has a lit a fire under his ass, if he keeps dropping balls vs. BC, it's probably good-bye for Gaylor for good.

Sitting out Durden is the best news I've heard all week. He's been beaten deep way too many times, and he's cost us two games.

Dang, I was hoping Reggie would play and get his usual 2 or 3 pass interference calls. :wink:

He made Brazel look like he should be amongst the ranks of receivers like Tucker and Simon.

Let's see what happens without him. Worse case scenario for Durden is if Esks win without him.

I'm really excited to see Roosevelt Williams in his place. I was lucky enough to attend one of the TC sessions and he stood out by far in the secondary IMO.

From the article on the main page he seems pretty fired up. He's got a chance to win a spot so he should be playing his heart out.

Simon is licking his chops.......

lol..yah he had 2 catches aginst us last game, let that fool lick his chops