Durden Can't Believe it

...after reading the article.....I can't believe Durden....he says he is shocked to be playing for Edm.....he thought he was a forever AL....dosen't he know any player can be traded....without being 'consulted'. at any time...UNLESS HE HAS A NO-TRADE CLAUSE......also what was the comment about....' well at least I was traded to Edm.....I could have been traded to Sask.....what a knock ....I wonder if the Riders will have a little more incentive to complete all of their passes in his area....I didn't think anyone could top Milts comment....maybe Durden has.... :roll:

hehehe ... what a great comment ... "I could have been traded to Saskatchewan" ... burn!

Durden does sound a bit mopey about having been dumped by the Als ... but that's the nature of pro sports.

I did think it was a bit un-called for with the shot at Saskatchewan, although I personally probably wouldn't choose to live in Regina either..... but I do have to admit, I've never given it much of a chance so I shouldn't say either way.

However, as papazoola said, unless he's got a no-trade clause, he's gotta know it's possible to be traded. Nobody's untouchable.

Did you even read the article? He said he's happy to be in Edmonton and he went from a good team to a "Better team." There's also a picture of him smiling by a big Eskimo logo.

thats not what the article on this site said......he sounds very bitter and disappointed he is no longer an al......which I am sure will only feed his desire as an esk to rip some als heads off....