Durden + Brown/Sanchez Trade

How come NOBODY has brought htis up here?

I think if you guys are finding it quiet you might want to head over the Go Als site.

We're kind of in agreement that we aren't that excited about it. Not sure that was a good move.

Steady great DB for a Hotthead cover CB?
Sanchez better not disappoint.

We lost a great friend & player in Durden and got a "hot-headed, self-centering" player in Sanchez, I hope i'm wrong....

It's gonna be hard watching Reggie in Green & Gold ! Best of luck Dirty !

I'm not sure about this trade. Durden was very solid DB, and personnaly i liked Brown play. Last year Sanchez wasnt that good.

Sanchez going to have pressure this year.

Ive had a lot of doubt about him especially after how his last stint with us ended so to give up durden for him seemed a bit high. Also Brown wanted out so better to trade him as opposed to lose him for nothing at hte end of next year.

off topic: Nice to seey ou back marty. did you enjoy cuba?

Well Robert Brown wanted out. He wanted to play for another team or he would retire; so the Als rights on him meant nothing. So the trade is between Reggie Durden and Davis Sanchez. RD versus DS. I think that they are equal in ability. SO, the Als get the edge because Sanchez is Canadian (and he will help the ratio if Karikari does not return).

But, Edmonton now seems stronger than ever. I fear my Als will lose another (too many) Grey Cup in 2006, to Edmonton...

Today I got two really good pieces of news. It is possible that hte trade will be voided if Sanchez doesnt clear a physical in a month (he already hasnt cleared the one he took just recently) and unless things go horribly wrong karikari should be resigning with us

Would be very very happy to see Karikari back...he really impressed me last year, and I'm not sure Proulx is quite ready for prime time yet.

Will miss Durden.

I doubt Karikari will be back. Jim Popp keeps his burden thight and Winnipeg seems determined to pay up whatever they need to get him. Karikari is dreaming of the NFL, but that won't happen. I expect to see him in blue & gold next summer, unless he prefers to have a shot at the Grey Cup, which can't happen just yet in the Peg.

As for the Sanchez vs. Durden trade, allow me to be the first one to officially disagree with you all.

To say these guys are equal in talent is nonsense. Sanchez has way more talent and his ability as a cover CB makes most QB think twice before they ever throw the ball in his direction. Sure, he wasn't that stellar last year, but 1) he had to learn a new system and 2) played many games while injured.

Durden is an honest DB. He always played up to expectations, but rarely overperformed. He does the job a DB is supposed to do. Nothing more, nothing less. Last season, he was more visible on the field than before, but there's a good reason for that: most of our other defensive backs played so poorly that Durden's steady performance looked way above average. Crutchfield was completely lame. Chatman was released because he was so useless. Malveaux was so often burned on cover plays he must still be recovering for the skinburns. Ricky Bell was okay at best. He really did not turn things around like he was expected to do. James Whitley had anger-management problems affecting his gameplay. And Matthieu Proulx did not really play on defense and had to learn the system of a professionnal league team with an English-speaking coach.

So that left all the room for Karikari and Durden to make the plays. No wonder they looked so useful.

I'll admit Durden has a nicer personnality than Sanchez, but we're not electing Miss Montreal here. It's about playing football. And when it comes to that, Sanchez takes out the trash.


I noticed this in DG's post

Third and Ten makes good points. Durden was good last year because he was not often mentioned during a game....which means other teams were not throwing in his area, which means he had his receiver covered more often than not. However, so many of our other DBs were so weak last year that why the heck wouldn't you stay away from Durden? So was he good or were the others bad, or a bit of both?

In any event, regardless of whether this trade gets voided or not, three things should be attended to, if possible:

1.Sign Karikari....we've got a major hole to fill at safety if the Bombers get him, I don't think Proulx is ready to take over (mind you, I wasn't sure Karikari was ready to take over from Barron Miles last year, so that goes to show you what I know!!!!!);

  1. Somebody, be it Popp or Wettenhall, has just got to get Matthews and Almondo Curry to kiss and make up......did we ever miss him on the corner last year;

  2. Somebody, anybody, tell this Jack Bedell guy who writes columns on this website, that Karikari is a SAFETY and NOT a cornerback. Why he insists on referring to him as a cornerback is a mystery to me.

I always had confidence in Jim Popp and Don Matthews. But this year, I really must say, I was disapointed in both of them.

Getting rid of Kevin Johnson, Marc Megna and now Reggie Durden? It's nice that our new MLB has potential, but can he last at least 1 full game or 2? Yet to be proven. And for Mark Megna, he had speed, instead of getting bigger guys for the run, how about we use speed on the end to get to the QB on the pass, which the CFL offence is based on?

As for DBs, we don't have terrible DBs. In fact, we have great backs. I agree with Third and Ten, Sanchez does bring more to the table when he's healthy, but Durden has won our hearts, with his heart for the game, and dedication to the team. But we have to move on with the Backs we have now, and going through the list they're actually pretty good. Malveaux, Bell, Curry, Sanchez, Crutchfield and hopefully Karikari,

In my opinion, the only reason we were getting burned alot on the pass, was because they lacked the leadership from past years. Not just leadership from a veteran player, but leadership from perhaps the BEST DEFENCEMEN in the league, Barron Miles.

Amen !

I like Sanchez coming back, although giving up Durden and Brown was a bit steep. But regardless, Sanchez is a shutdown corner and we struggled all season last year at that position. Crutchfield was terrible and Malveaux was only average at corner -- he's much better inside. Durden was our best cover man last year, but considering our secondary, that's not saying much.

Now, with Karikari AND Sanchez, we've got two import slots to use elsewhere. I like it.

Following the draft, I'm not really worried about our secondary anymore. Look at our DB pool:


We should be able to assemble a pretty good secondary out of that lot. It's our D-line that is worrying me.