Durant's status remains unclear

Durant has a very injured ankle
I hate to say this, But, Hopefully he is out for 2 games

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[b]Second-year Roughrider Drew Willy is next in line if Durant cannot start against Hamilton. Willy started two games last season and played the bulk of a third contest. Rookie Tino Sunseri is the Roughriders' third-string quarterback.

Chamblin will be following Durant's situation with some concern, considering his importance to the team.

"Definitely, he's the starting quarterback and you worry about it,'' Chamblin said. "But at the same time, if he's not able to go, Drew's up and that also gives Tino some time in there as the backup.[/b]

Winnipeg played their sub in a game Hamilton played against them last season and the Mosquito breeders still won.

Tiger cats will be pitted against a much better offense in Saskatchewan with a much more qualified OC. Cortez will be familiar with some of our personnel. That, combined with 3 game films, will offer him some good insight.

If Durant doesn't play that will help. But, I'm not so sure it will bring enough relief.

Even though Durant has been on a tear this season, Willy is still a concern with his accuracy and ability to get rid of the ball quickly.
Willy is no slouch, although his lack of experience should be a plus for the Cats.

I hope...

George Cortez is not just an OC, but, a qualified quarterback coach as well. I'm sure he's responsible for Durant's positive results thus far this season.

If we can come out of this home and home with a split somehow,regardless of Durants status,it'll hopefully set the tone for the rest of the season.The way things look right now in the EAST.....between 8-10 wins could get you 1rst place.Say what you will but yesterdays game in my opinion was between top 2 in the east so far,based on play so far....both of these teams are ahead of the Blue team and the Birdies!!! :smiley:

Cortez will fall flat on his face without Durant,
Then his Sharpie will have to be surgically removed from his nose! :wink:

I think I'd still put Toronto first. Their losses were to an undefeated team and in a place they never win. That said, they're a dropped pass away from being winless and were a rather unimpressive championship team (finishing 9-9 and all), so I can see why some aren't convinced. But they're the defending champs, so they still get the benefit of the doubt from me until they really start tanking or other teams start lapping them.

But none of the teams in the East look good right now. Heck, Hamilton is the "hot" team being that they're the only ones not to have lost this week. I think you could be right about 10 wins being all that is needed to take it.

In a "walking boot" at practice today. To be revaluated later in week.

I think Durant should sit this one out -- for his own good, of course. Take time, make sure he is fully healed.

similar sentiments here EP.
In fact, DD may be wise to sit out at least the next two games in order to heal properly.

We compassionate Cats fans are merely concerned for his health and well-being of course. :smiley:

If Durante doesn't play, the Cats will win. Willy may be ok but he's no Durant. Nowhere close. More importantly, he's no Burris.

An Argo-Cat fan

From Rod Pedersen,

[b]The Roughriders were back at practice on Monday but Darian Durant was not.

The star quarterback watched a portion of the light practice with a walking boot on his right foot, which was injured in Thursday's win at Toronto.

Durant confirmed that it's a foot sprain, and that it swelled up considerably on the team flight home Friday morning.

Durant said it's too soon to guess whether or not he'll be able to suit up for Sunday's home game against Hamilton and admits the injury is "very frustrating."

Meanwhile head coach Corey Chamblin said if Darian's not 100%, he won't play in the game. [/b]


Hopefully he doesn’t play this week and we can steal one or two away from the Riders who are looking very good this year. Imperitive that our Defense shuts down Sheets.

If we cant stop the run it doesn't matter who they have starting at QB. This is going to be a huge test for the D this week.

Chamblin says Durant "won't play Sat." Whatever that means.

?????????????????? well that's great! How about Sun. :roll: :wink: :?

Reported from Regina – Durant didn’t participate in their Wednesday practice, but did spend some time without wearing the walking boot. Hope the Cats will be doing some noise drills this week. With Grey Cup temporary seats in place, the usually very noisy watermelon heads could number 40,000. 36+ sold already.

They way RR fans treat Hank, they'll make him about as welcome as a rattlesnake at a picnic, they'll have the boo birds out! This will be the loudest crowd we play infront of this year, we better have our silent counts & ASL down come Sunday.

I really don't see DD playing, ifhe was still in a walking boot yesterday, and Mr. Chamblin won't play him unless he's 100%, I just see DD as third string QB sunday if he dresses.

A Thursday miracle?
To me, this report has a bit a strange smell. Note the wording -- it's doesn't actually say that Durant was pracitsing:

(See photo & report dated Thursday, July 18 -- titled "The Plot Thickens")


Here's another report that clearly states Durant was back participating @ QB on Thursday:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/durant-back-at-practice-with-roughriders]http://www.cfl.ca/article/durant-back-a ... oughriders[/url]