Durant's injury

Well it is now being reported that Durant was not in fact ready to play. Durant said he wasn't physically close enough to have helped the team. So I guess if you want to read between the lines his season for all intensive purposes was done after he was injured. Now if that is the case then realistically they should have been shopping earlier for a fill in. Waiting and seeing if Tino or Doege were good enough was a huge gamble and we all know its one the Riders lost.

I can understand not wanting to give opposing teams any information but realistically he was done for the year. It will be interesting to see what or who the Riders get as a back up as it is reported that they will not go through next year in the same situation that if Durant gets hurt they don't have a solid backup.

So that brings into question what are the Lions going to do about Glenn? No he didn't have a good year and yes he wants to be a starter but realistically his shot in BC this year may have been his last to do so.

Do the Lions keep him or cut him? if he gets cut of course they get nothing so look if they do anything to try and do a trade with some team. Do we sit tight and see if anyone else bites on him if in fact they decide he is done in BC and hope to get him as a backup for cheap cheap or do we make a trade? Picard for Glenn? Is that a good deal for the Riders?

Glenn is apparently not being re-signed via the Lions (FA). We'll see. Don't want him at this point unless he is willing to play for 90-120k

They were always optimistic DD was going to be back. That is why he took over half the reps in the first couple days of practice leading to the WSF. The realization that he was not going to be ready came when his arm swelled over night after making a lot of throws. Until that everything pointed to being ready as he had no real issues since being returning to practice. The return was optimistic but still realistic.

They put Tino in and were shopping around from the start, as I am sure you recall. The asking price was simply too much, and they were not willing to trade away the future for a hopes on this season when they thought Tino might fair well enough. There are only so many QBs who can come in and pick up the system fast enough with what would have been 5-6 weeks remaining in the season to make that trade even worth thinking about.

Well to be honest with the season Glenn had I think his market value took a serious hit so realistically I can't see anyone offering big bucks. He may have to swallow some pride and realize that he isn't going to be a number one anywhere but he could still contribute as a back up and he could still win a cup.

The draw backs are his age and his accuracy this year was not good. That is what made him a potential starter is he did not throw a lot of picks and he was good at moving the ball down the field in the past, but this year he lead the league in picks.

This of course would not address the need to start grooming a starter for the future but say if they like what they see in Price and they sign Glenn. Not only could we start to groom Price but I think Glenn could also be a good mentor for Price. Not that Durant couldn't also but realistically when your the starter your focus is on the week to week prep for the next game not trying to coach or teach a new guy. Also Glenn would or could be a solid fill in if Durant did happened to get banged up. I think Glenn could step in and we wouldn't be totally screwed like we were this year. Glen is a vet so he knows the defenses and I'm sure would pick up the system in a short time. I think with the season Glenn had we wouldn't here a lot of start Glenn over Durant controversy. So I wouldn't be totally against signing him if the deal can be done on the cheap.

I have a gut feeling that Kevin Glenn will retire

Speaking of BC QBs here is my latest wacky theory: after Lulay’s 2nd shoulder injury the doctors said their surgery had been “undone”. Now that is very serious. I suggest that Lulay was/is in fact finished with football due to this injury and the Lions have been suggesting he is almost ready to come back, to protect ticket sales & fan interest. I expect that in the off season around the time they get rid of Benevides they will announce Lulay’s retirement (likely will then coach & he would be a great coach!). Remember no major announcements are allowed prior to the Grey Cup and after season end.

I don't think BC got that memo Benevides has been fired. That is pretty major in my books.