Durant to the Als for 2 draft picks.instant contender

IMO ...The two definite nonplayoff teams for next year are : The Roughriders and the Argos.
That leaves one nonplayoff position left for the Ticats/Als/Bluebombers to fight over.
The other four teams have elite QB's to rely on. So we could virtually be out of the playoffs next year
if we don't get a good preformance out of our QB. :cowboy:

What we need is a healthy QB for 18 regular season games and an OL to protect him

You never know… This is a nine team league. A couple QB’s on the top teams get injured and the whole picture changes. Even the Riders while a long shot could end up with a good QB before all is said and done.

Agreed. Collaros has to be on the field all season. A large part of the Ticats’ success will also depend on who becomes defensive coordinator. If Reinebold gets the job…

The Als will have a bad combination for this season, an old and injury prone quarterback who be unfamiliar with his receivers, thus holding the ball too long, combined with a leaky Oline.

As I predicted last season, Durant will be replaced before the midway mark of 2017 because of injury.

He may even end up retired at the end of it

Another Calvillo situation.

No matter who is leading, Montreal management never seems to learn their lessons.

Ottawa doesn’t get a pass, GC champs or not. They’re right in the mix. Calgary and EDM are the only teams id put in the playoffs for sure, if I was going to place a bet in Jan.

I for one have always liked Darian Durant and his commitment and passion for the game, and the way he just quietly goes about his job without the bluster of a Burris or the media fauning of a Ray or Mitchell. Perhaps he has reached that tipping point in his career where injuries have begun to hamper his play or force him to miss games. If this year does turn out to be his last, it will be the CFL's loss. I wish him all the best in Montreal (although not necessarily when playing the 'Cats, of course :smiley: )

Some similarities between the Kevin Glenn and Darian Durant signings in MTL

Both came from SSK before signing with MTL
Both were 35 yrs old when acquired by MTL
Is Durant at 35yrs better than Glenn at 35yrs???

Good point. Maybe taller and a stronger arm? Glenn throwing that out pass to the sidelines was always cringe-worthy. Must have made more than he had intercepted, but always made me wince when he was in black and gold.

Well said. :thup:

Durant will benefit from being aligned with a proper coaching staff and offensive philosophy. It would be unfair to compare them. Glenn walked into turmoil and it never stopped until he left.

I have to agree with Crash on this one , the RB’s definitely don’t get a pass into the playoffs. Yes they did win the Cup BUT a little reality check here they started out of the gate at 3-0-1 BUT finished up at 5-9 their last 14 games which was good enough for a sub .500 record and a 1rst place finish in a weak Eastern division. I certainly wouldn’t place Trevor Harris in the elite QB category just yet. The RB’s were the best team on Grey Cup day BUT they certainly weren’t the best team or even in the upper echelon of teams last season. Ottawa will probably lose Burris to retirement and also has all 3 of their elite three WR’s as pending FA’s. They have also already lost several key members of their defence to Free Agency and the NFL.

I’m not taking anything away from Ottawa and their upset victory in the Grey Cup , kudos to them for pulling off the greatest upset in history BUT a little perspective here at the end of the day they were still a sub .500 team in a really bad division that simply caught lightning in a bottle their last two games played last year and defeated two clubs that were head and shoulders better than they were last season . Those two team of course as all of us know being the Eskimos and the Stamps.

As for placing any bets in Jan. as of today I’m thinking that excluding Toronto in the East you could place the other three teams names on pieces of paper and draw them out of a hat to decide who finishes 1-2-3 in 2017.

I tend to agree. And with another fairly weak East this year likely in the cards, there's a good chance either BC or Winnipeg-- both decent teams as good as anyone in the East-- could cross over. But hey, it's the CFL, and anything can happen.