I swear you must be either Tate himself or one of his relatives. That could only be the explanation behind your hate for Durant.

If you are then get over it. You had your chance and the Riders chose correctly by keeping Durant.


Sometimes it is better to remain to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

Bring Kerry Joseph back before looking at Tino!

I would bring Doege back before Tino too. I thought there was more potential there, just got thrown into the cage way before he was ready.


Caseyprinters ?@CaseyPrinters 4h4 hours ago

#Ridernation its unfortunate for the loss of Double D.. But I'm available to come back and help.. #CFL #CFLStrong #ImReady

LOL seriously?? Isn't he on pension already? :lol:
Printers is only a year older than DD and two younger than Glen..

Its Glenn's team for this year - make sure that Smith gets meaningful reps each game and begin his mentoring process. Who ever is brought in to be #3 should be someone new - someone worth a look if needed. Unlike last year when they were still looking for a starter after DD got injured - we are not looking for a #1 as we have a very capable one now. What we are looking for is to begin developing the QB to take over in 2 - 3 years once Glenn is done or DD retires. We don't need a bandaid solution of bringing in anyone simply because they could be a stop gap measure.

Uhh no. Doege is the worst QB I've ever seen suit up for the Riders. I've never seen a Rider QB so completely and utterly lost while looking downfield. I even feel bad typing this heavy criticism out. This is my 37th season following this team.

Dead bang on. Were not in the same desperate situation as we were last year. That is exactly why they went out and got Glenn. We don't need to bring back ghosts from the past either old or young. What we do need to do is have a real good look at Smith and get him some game time. We also need to be out scouting NFL camps and see if someone catches our eye. Sure its a long shot but often there is talent that would be suited for the faster paced CFL game that doesn't quite fit the NFL mold. If you get a head start and see somone you like you keep an eye on them and see how it pans out and if they get cut Then you pounce.

LOL seriously?? Isn’t he on pension already? :lol:
Printers is only a year older than DD and two younger than Glen…
I was being facetious (to be honest, I had no sense of how old Printers was). He’s probably been inactive enough that it would be laughable.

knowing the way Taman operates building youth , he is looking for an old experienced QB ? so lets break out the geritol

An offer has went out to Tino. He will be back, plus another guy in the near future. Hopefully a release and a call back has the same effect it had on TJax a few seasons back

LOL well said Dep. :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Yes very unfortunate we lost Durant again, hopefully his career isn't over. I have high hopes for Glenn to take the reigns, he did great in Calgary, I believe he can do our team some great things. Don't think Sunseri has what it takes to be a part of the team, but we will all find out soon what is gonna happen, because we need to have a third stringer. :rockin:

what about looking into the qbs who were cut by other teams. I know CC isn't for it but what about having a national qb at #3. That guy in Edmonton?Montreal? seemed like he was able to overthrow his receivers just as well as anyone else. There was also that qb from Winnipeg that didn't make their cut. Would it be that horrible to try and develope a decent canadian qb as a viable #2 for future years?

Good lord are they seriously that stupid? The ties have been cut how do you spin this in any possible way to look good?
Geezus I can't believe they would be even consider bringing Tino back for so many reasons I lost count.

Seriously this has all the makings for a 3 ring circus act. I suppose they will even add more salt to the wound by making him the back up too? Man totally shaken to the utter foundation of my faith in Taman or Chamblin or whoever made this call.

Bring Tino back is a huge mistake. Why would they even waste the money and time on a bad QB, Starting to think this season is already in the crapper!! :cry:

there is now a video up...go to "June 29th Brendan Taman Media Availability" on here and BT talks about it pretty good...Stating it is not career ending.

As far as Tino...tough times cause a need for tough decisions. Half way into the season you probably have a little more faith in Smith knowing the playbook....but Tino has been studying it for months...Smith has not. I still believe Smith is #2 and Tino is a stop gap....with all the injuries in the league they needed to act fast...so I can't really fault the decision even if it is not an over the moon situation.

His 'one good season' ...as another poster pointed out...was under the present Rider OC...so you know they are at minimum discussing it...JC will be a huge factor in a yay or nay...it will all be about whether or not they feel his attitude has improved....because he has been let go a couple times largely because of it

I'm still not convinced Tino does have a grasp on the playbook any better then Smith. Tino if knowing the playbook should not looked so confused about who is the primary receiver if he knew the playbook so well. Smith may not know it as good as we would like but at least he goes through his progressions of reads a lot quicker and if he doesn't feel or see what he likes will either take off or get rid of it instead of like Tino standing there with a dazed look on his face until its too late to waddle ( I wont use the word run because I have never seen him do it) and either ther is a holdig penalty or a sack and sometimes both.

To bring back Tino in my view is a good insurance move at this point. As Depop stated, Tino knows the playbook. If something were to happen to Glenn or Smith, or both, you at least have a guy with some CFL experience and knowledge of the Riders offense.

Now I'm not saying that Tino is the saviour here, all I'm saying is that he gives the best option to buy time. The Riders need to bring in a 4th QB as well and evaluate.. If this 4th guy shows promise, develop him. If he does not, go find another guy and evaluate... Repeat process until they find a guy... Once again, Tino allows them to buy time to do this.

From a practice perspective, Tino's knowledge of playbook gives the backup players best chance to practice the system... He may be an expensive practice QB, but the Riders can afford it

As I stated before, I think the Rider brass had to do this as insurance in case Glenn or Smith get hurt... And to buy time