Just like that, done for the season again. At least Kevin Glenn is capable of leading our team. Do we re-sign Sunseri, or look elsewhere for our number three?

bring back Sunseri as our # 3 QB, as he is familiar with our system and look for a project to replace Glen if Smith can't cut it.

Hell no look for some one else. Tino may know the system (by the time he takes to make up his mind I question that too) he still can’t run it.

Now is the year to develop a good quality QB. Smith should see enough reps this season to know if he's got it. I'm afraid Durant's career is coming to an end.

Don't write Durant off just yet. Yes a terrible set back but he still has enough left in the tank to still be our number one. Yes your right we need to develop a young qb so lets see what Smith has. The Tino experiment is done or it certainly should be.We know what he can and can't do and there are far too many of the can't do's to waste any more time on him. Besides the potential for him to be a poison pill on the team is pretty high after getting cut.

This is different then last year. Last year was mid season and the need was to have a QB finish the season with a few wins so we could limp into the playoffs - knowing Durant was returning no later than well ... Today.

This time round the Riders need to plan as if Durant is not returning - ever. I hope he does but this isn't a temporary solution that is needed. The Riders need to decide what the long term plan is and who their QB of the future is. I am not saying they should consider the season a write off - rather who ever they feel is the future QB should see game time every game from this point forward. Sunseri would do in a pinch but that's not what we are facing this year - its different. This time they should ensure the current #2 gets game time and decide who the long term #3 should be. For now this is Kevin Glenns team and the need is for the QB for him to mentor into the next starting QB - not just someone capable of filling in a few games

Disagree totally. The QB going forward is the one who gives the best chance to win. Notice that I'm not saying whether that's Glenn or Smith, as I'm not sure myself, but the mindset is still '100% win now'. At this point theoretically all the team needs is for Glenn/Smith to play better than Franklin/Nicholls the rest of the way and that's a playoff spot in the bag. It's wide open. S**t happens, get out there and seize the opportunity.

The Sunseri bridge is burnt here I would say, for the team to ask him back would lack “face” and for him to accept a return would be the same. H e may flourish elsewhere , but time in Green is done.

Dont now know whats the answer, Glenn as #1, Smith rotate n and out as #2, and find a worthy project … Sullivan ? Doege? … but it cant be Tino

Tino is gone because of Chapdelaine. For the same reason he won't be back, regardless if he can help or not.

Sorry but Tino is out because he had his chances and stunk the joint out most of the time. One or two hail Mary's is not the making for a solid qb.

Dooge is not an option either. Again they cut him for a reason no turning back now.

yes , I definitely think Durant can come back, just an unfortunate setback, so lets see what the other 2 guys can do, and that;s it boys.

This may be the first I ever posted on your forum, I can't remember. I'm a Bomber fan and I'm sorry Durant is out. I've always liked him. When we would lose to you guys, it was always easier because I always knew Durant was a good QB and a classy guy. I am not happy he is hurt. I knew that if we could beat you with DD at QB, it would mean we were getting better. Cheers. Dan

Tino is done I hope with us. He was awful.

Get in a new QB, lots out there. We use to grow qbs here, we can do it again.

Exactly, that's where we found Willy and Brett Smith. Maybe give Pierce another call. There's LOTS of QBs out there, after all there's few roster spots for that position.

Caseyprinters ?@CaseyPrinters 4h4 hours ago

#Ridernation its unfortunate for the loss of Double D.. But I'm available to come back and help.. #CFL #CFLStrong #ImReady


I totally agree

LOL seriously?? Isn't he on pension already? :lol:

never gonna win with Durant anyway ,now's the chance to develop a quarterback for the future

Umm talk about reeking of desperation. Casey Printers? The rest of the league would laugh us out of it after last year. No offense to Joesph as I know he poured his guts out to try and help the team. Still that isn't even a consideration or if it is then Chamblin and Taman should get the boot and not at the end of the season but as soon as they announced it.

The facts are Durant is done for the season and yes this is not good in any way shape or forum but we are in better shape then last year with Tino and Seth. That said Smith really really needs to get quality practice time and should get in game too. Again with the situation with Durant even though I fully expect him to be back next season there certainly now is the cloud hanging over him that one more injury and that will be it.

We need to use Glenn not only as our starter but as a mentor for Smith and lets see what the kid can so. If he sucks then we better be doing some serious shopping after the NFL cuts are made. As I said I expect Durant back but if he isn't able to do so then we are in deep doo doo as I think this could be Glenn's last season either win or lose.

Worse case scenario then plays out. No Durant, no Glenn, and possibly a raw rookie taking the reigns. Bombers 2.0 in Saskatchewan.

Man this must be like winning the lottery for you having Durant hurt again. Please change your name to Stamps Supporter or Durant basher anything but with the name riders in. Never going to win with Durant? How quick you forget two years ago.

Toddle off now to your true teams forums in Cowtown.