I say start Willy. Put in DD later if we need too.

I agree...except...if Willy is going to start, don't split duties 50/50. It is bad enough if DD starts and it is split, and he has the experience.

My thinking is start Willy, let DD rest the ankle and if we absolutely need DD we can put him in. I agree though if Willy is getting us a win, don't pull him. I'd like to keep the wins coming so play DD now with sore ankle and with the break coming do early this year we can look to rest DD very soon.

I say get a comfortable lead with DD by the middle of the third quarter, then pull him for Willy.

Looks like they listened to G&W. I thought they left DD in too long but since they just wanted to run Sheets and DD didn't get hurt, all is well.

Glad to see Darian healthy and in the game. No problems running at all..........though I hope he doesn't do much more blocking.......nice play though......enough to spring Kory. What I have noticed most about DD this season is that he is much more focused. He used to get kind of goofy on the sidelines last year - this year it is all business. I think George C has had a great influence on DD and all for the better. When you think of how many coaches our QB has played under, that he has found one who he really connects with is such a big plus for the team.

As long as he didn’t try anymore blocks, I was content to see him stay in. Let’s face it, by then the Ham D was so beaten down they were hardly trying at all. Heck back late in the second, Glenn Suitor showed a replay of the Ham D more or less frozen in place - they certainly weren’t a threat in any fashion to DD. They did pick it up a bit - maybe something else Kent had to yell at them about - he certainly did his share on Sat - but they could not get past Darian’s protection. Sooner or later you are gonna lose heart and by the mid-4th that’s they way they appeared.

Just heard that DD is wearing the ankle boot again after the Hamilton game. Ankle flared up a bit. I think he will play on Saturday against the rematch with Hamilton.

yeah, he will be fine. It only makes sense that it would flare up after the game, and the boot is a smart idea. If you are not pushing these types of injuries you are like 'well, it feels alright,' but in reality, until you really push the foot you don't know. If it is not hampering him in the game it is not putting him at any more risk than any other game...a sprain like that, where you can tape it up well, isn't really something you are going to make worse...it just won't heal as fast, but going into a bye...no biggy. Last week I felt you could see he wasn't planting his foot properly early, then it loosened up and he was fine.

The other reality with a sprain...It is likely to take couple months, maybe more, to be 100%. A broken bone will heal faster than a bad sprain, so him working through it is a great.