TSN just reported on Sportscenter that Durant's xrays came back negative. Durant expected to play against Hamilton. Thank God.

Think we are pretty fine even if DD is to sit out the game. Willy is very composed for a young QB (and doesn't telegraph his target to the opposition).

I am not too concerned, this is the perfect situation to start a back up if Durant is not at least 90%.?

It appears Durant would be out one week at most
The back-up has had a season under his belt and played well when called upon so far.
He has the new OC's playbook fresh in his head from training camp, pre-season and the first 3 games.
He saw some action not long ago in preseason and played about a quarter last week.
The team is on a long break so he has time to work with the OC.
We have a good running game and OL to rely on.
We have experienced receivers to rely on.
The defence is playing very well.
We are 3-0.
It is early in the season and it is a game we could "afford" to lose.
It is a home game.
If he falters we can get a look at Sunseri, who has also looked good in preseason.
Hamilton’s defence has not looked that good.

I hope DD can play, IMO Willy has not played all that well, would be more interested in seeing Sunseri . I know it's his first year in CFL, but the guy can throw!!

Should DD go down for any period of time, we are hooped IMO, we do not have a good enough back-up right now to win that many games, yes we have a super good team, but you need points and Willy I am sure will have lots of turn-overs!! Hope we never have to get to that point!!

If memory serves me correctly, Willy started three games last season and we lost them all. He isnt as good as everybody thinks he is. He takes way too long to progress through his reads, and takes several unnecessary sacks. Not to mention turnovers. Despite what several people might think, Durant gives us the best shot at winning week in and week out.

You don’t develop a QB by having him hold a clipboard. Also DD also had a loooooooong streak last year going TDless but serving up the Int’s ( as he did in his fill in roll early in his career as well). Don’t forget also, with the exception of Dressler, everyone went into a slump during that period not leaving Willy with a lot of choices. Getz was in the middle of his cement hands period.

I was speaking more to the point that there is not a more opportune scenario to bring in a back up. As for Willy's prospects, that can only truly be determined with playing time. I was not trying a comment on his ability. He hasn't crapped the bed when called upon ( or he wouldn't be the back up), and has a 73% completion rate along with too many interceptions (4). This is a good time to see if he is improving if Durant can't go was my only point.

I looked at last years games and Willy had clean up work in a few games we were either way ahead, or way behind. He had good stats in each of those with a very high completion rate. In three games he had substantial work, one he came in early and two he started. One game was a win, and two were losses.

Those games were in Winnipeg after Labour Day (52-0 Riders!), where he came in after Durant threw 4 passes and went down. The team beat the Bombers 25-24 and Willy went 17/23 for 288 yards, 1 TD and 1 int.

The following week Willy started in Montreal and the team lost 28-17. He went 22/34 for 225 yards, 1 TD and 2 ints.

He worked the first half for the last game of the year in BC, which was a nothing game and mostly back ups played. JT O'Sullivan played QB for the second half. Willy went 8/12 with 0 TD's and 1 int. I was at this game and it was basically Rider back ups against the Lions first string for over half the game.

Based on this info, where most his work was in road games, I think Willy has proven he belongs so far. If Durant cannot go this upcoming week at home it is a good time for any back up to come in when a team is hot, at home, early in the season, with a proven running game, and show he is improving.

Whether he does or no of course is yet to be determined but the timing and scenario could not be better, to my original point. If he does not show well then Willy/Sunseri had some playing and learning time, we are 3-1, and Durant is back the following week , if Willy plays well or wins, it makes the team that much better and confident.

I also see that in each of the three games Willy had considerable work in, the opposition, WPG, MTL, BC, had 3 sacks in each game. And each of these were road games so crowd noise could have been a factor, at least in the Winnipeg game anyway.

League wide in 2012 the average was a little over 2 sacks per game (2.1). For a raw rookie QB getting his first regular reason work in the pros, one sack per game over the average that aged veterans get is not unheard of. I would consider it an acceptable start to a rookie learning curve.

Regarding Willy's turn overs, he had a 4.2% interception rate and zero fumbles in 2012. This is respectable and right in the middle of the pack of other current first string QB's interception rates early in their careers.

Glenn - 5.8%, Lulay - 5.6%, Durant - 4.7%, Calvillo - 4.3%, Burris - 4.3%, Willy - 4.2%, Pearce - 3.2%, Tate - 3.2%, Riley - 2.7%, Ray - 2.5%.

Hey Riders - Edmonton, welcome to the cfl.ca boards - great to have you! I always find your posts interesting over at riderfans ... great to have your insights here. The official cfl forum should be the most active one in the country so bring it on 8) :rockin: 8)

Oh, and I, too, am in the camp of let DD rest this one out if he is not 100%. We will win it anyways, maybe not with the same spread but we will win! And if we don't, it's a 2-point loss, not a 4-point one like it would be against a western rival.

I won't be too impressed if they try to stick DD in there for the game this week. He is still walking around in a boot at practice today, and at 3-0 we could afford our first loss if Willy is not able to get it done anyway.

Obviously, DD is well ahead of Willy... I will try not to say Hamilton sucks but... they seem fairly unable to stop the run, which has been our strong point so far, so I think that we probably still have a decent shot at it with Willy out there.

Agreed, unless there is a miracle recovery I see Willy starting and look forward to seeing what he learned last year, and this year so far from the new OC, George Cortez, who I think can really help Willy and is more inclined to connect philosophically with a QB of Willy's attributes based on who he has had success with in the past as a QB coach in the NFL, etc.

We have seen that Chamblin likes to be cautious with injured players and them an extra week so I think this is a slam dunk and all of Rider Nation will be watching with heightened interest to see what Willy has this year. I think he will do well. Whether that si well enough to win I am not sure but I just don't see him faltering or losing his cool.

Thanks for the gracious comments legalbeagle, it is appreciated.

I like the idea of letting DD rest. It's not like Willy is like throwing Ted White or Stefan Lefors out there. He's shown some ability last season and you have a backup QB for a reason. Times like this are that reason. If you don't have enough faith that your backup can get you through 1 game, then you just didn't do a good enough job finding a backup QB.

He showed some ability last season. He did not look out of place at all. I have more than enough confidence in him to take the reins for a game or 2. Obviously Darian is the best chance to win, but the season is long, why play hurt when you don't have to? Why risk prolonging the injury?

The team will not be throwing away 2 points on Sunday with Willy.

[url=http://ckom.com/story/simon-set-make-debut-durants-foot-progresses/121180]http://ckom.com/story/simon-set-make-de ... ses/121180[/url]

Sounds like we will know tomorrow.

Cortez has had a week of prep with Willy as his starter. Willy will be fine, Riders by 18. Willy off to Ottawa as their first starter in RedBlack ( :roll: , nice name :oops: ) history, after this casting call.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/story/2013/07/18/sp-cfl-darian-durant-practises-roughriders.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/s ... iders.html[/url]

took majority of 1st team snaps today, says he as 85-90%.

my money says he starts. IF they build a lead or things are not going well, Willy sees more action. If he is 85% now, he will be 90+ by game time...if he is not limping in practice Friday...he plays. I just hope they make their decision early in the day, because Willy needs all the reps he can take if starting!

[url=http://www.cflblogzone.com/2013/07/corey-chamblin-talks-about-darian-durant%E2%80%99s-foot/]http://www.cflblogzone.com/2013/07/core ... %99s-foot/[/url]

sounds like the plan is to see how his foot reacts to the practice in the AM.

Friday's update:

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/story/2013/07/19/sp-cfl-football-saskatchewan-roughriders-darian-durant-practises-second-day.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/s ... d-day.html[/url]