any news on his injury? Boy he has been playing great football...best quarterbacking I've seen in the CFL in 10 years.

dont expect anything until Tuesday

According to Durant's Facebook page from about five minutes ago...

Darian Durant
X-Rays came back negative! Now we gotta rehab this thing to get right for next week. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers sent my way!

Best Quarterbacking in the past 10 years for the Riders definitely.. Not in the CFL though, Durant still does some things that he needs to change, and he still could get better! Don't get me wrong I love the way he is playing and for 3 games he has showed some of his best QB play he ever has! However I want to see if he can consistently keep him self at a high level of play through the season. Durant has always been a guy who will have some absolutely phenomenal games, as well as some pretty brutal games.
Lets see if he can keep the high level of play up for a full season before we start crowning him! I would like to say I am not a Durant hater, I have had his back since day one.. I just believe he has yet to take the step to be compared to guys like, Cavillo, Damon Allen, Ricky Ray and other CFL greats!

agreed...just meant to say in these three games he's been the best I've seen. Controlled, zero turnovers and fully aware.

I doubt any info will be released other that "lower body injury". The team will want to keep Hamilton guessing as long as possible.