Has there been any news about Durants injury? Is it serious? Or just a tweak?

hmmm.. no reply's.. No news is good news?

Heard it might be an ankle, but nothing on the severity at all. They don't seem to be talking.

Nothing on Durant yet.....maybe Chamblin is waiting a few days to see what happens with the ankle.

I'm pretty sure I read that they won't be practicing until next week, in other words they're on days off. I doubt we will hear anything before Monday morning.

I thought it was a break at first just given his wincing on the sidelines when pressing in certain spots on his foot. He was able to walk on it after the game which is a good sign. Probably just a sprain.

I tend to agree. He will have a swollen and tender ankle for a few days. I am sure it will not be 100% for a couple weeks, but with 10 days off, I do not anticipate him missing action...though lighter practice for a couple of days would not be shocking. It is good timing for a short week then a longer and playing at home.

Durant's xrays came back negative for a break. Should be good to go vs. Hamilton.