Assessing the situation the Riders are in right now, something needs to change and fast. My proposal is sitting Durant for a game to see how Willy does. In the past 4 games or so i have seen NOTHING about Durant that stood out and showed that he is a cable starting quarterback.He is handing games away with unnecessary fumbles and interceptions which a majority could have easily been avoided. Sure he may have led us to a couple Grey Cups and I respect him for that. But as it is right now the Riders will be lucky to even make the playoffs! This recent game against Calgary Durant was lucky to even get the ball in the hands of his receiver(over throws and not accurate). Sure it may have been windy but he is a PROFESSIONAL QB! Its his job to perform well and be consistent! It is a job and he is underachieving. When that happens you need change and I think Willy deserves to have a shot! GO RIDERS!

P.S. This is solely my opinion and i respect if you guys disagree!

There was a time when we played two QBs. Austin and Burgess. Both proven. Willy while not proven has looked very good when he has been used. He's tall enough to see over the line, he has a stronger arm and seemed to go tru all his reads in the preseason. I'm not sure I'd sit DD an entire game, but for a few series sure.

I have to agree.

I do believe Chamblin will make a good coach. He is young and so is this team. He needs to make a splash though...either a big move like starting a different QB, or firing a coordinator.

I actually think Durant played a fairly good game yesterday, he had A LOT of dropped balls, and it's tough to throw the ball with wind like that, you can't expect every pass to be perfect, even if it's a little low or high, the receiver should be able to make the catches, which they just plain weren't yesterday. Bad pick by him, the fumble I don't overly blame on him, that happens to every QB in every league.

Stop passing the blame & making excuses. :roll:

Dump Durant! :oops:

You "dump Durant" guys are off your nut. Durant and Sheets seemed to be the only two guys on the field Saturday that really seemed to give a hoot whether we won or not. It doesn't matter where you look on the Rider squad right now there are problem areas. Part of the problem is that 60% of our team are new to the Riders. I will be happy if we make the playoffs this year but that sure as heck won't happen without Durant as QB.

I think it would be silly to consider dumping Durant, but I would consider starting Willy next week just for a shakeup.

Dumping Durant would just be stupid. He is still a good QB! Most QB's in the CFL don't start getting really good until they are in their 30s! go look at Cavillo and Burris! Most of the great QB's take time!
Dumping Durant isn't the Answer. Especially with a team as young as we have! To get rid of a veteran, one of the few leaders we have on this team would be incredibly dumb! Give your head a shake and think things through! Who will we replace him with? Drew Willy is the candidate right now. So we replace a guy who has been in two grey cups, has been in the play offs has lots of game experience and is a team leader. With a first year guy who has one quarter of experience in the CFL and likely has no leadership in this team yet.

I am with Depop starting Willy for a game may not be a bad idea to just shake things up and let Durant know that he is going to have to fight for his job.

I dont understand why, when after say 20 minutes of play and no points, that they dont pull a QB for a series. Not saying he is of fault...just giving a different view. This used to happen a lot more.

The Riders were forced to became one dimensional early. The LDT could NOT stop the run. A stop was a 4 yard gain early.

The Riders controlled the ball very nicely in the first quarter into a crazy wind. The D did nothing to stop the Stamps.

In the second quarter a couple drives were stopped by bad drops and there was the freak INT

in the third, again, they moved the ball ok. Again, wind was tough to play to. The fumble hurt. The D played great.

In the 4th the Riders were forced to be one dimensional and did fairly well. Again...drops hurt. The D played lights out.

When the Riders had the ball with the wind the WRs dropped it. DD was 17/29...pretty good numbers in those conditions...call it 21/29 and another 60 yards due to bad drops, and it was actually impressive. 6 rushes for 72 yards. There was nothing about this game, fumble aside, that was bad from DD. I still say shake things up.

Oh...West finally touched the ball...-2 yards.

I'm not a big DD fan, he goes hot to cold to hot, agreed most QB hit their prime in the late 20's into 30's, but DD needs to be more consisted. We are lacking WR, that can catch then hold onto the ball. What I don't get is why the best WR, IMO in the league, Dressler is not bein used enough, the last play should of went to him not Getslf. JMO

Our play book looked better, a larger assortment of plays. But the team seems beat now, like they don't believe they can win. They need to look back at the first 3 games and start doing more of what we did there. this is starting to look like last season now. This team is better than than that!! :roll:

Something I keep forgetting to mention. I think our receivers are running their route wrong A LOT. I don't know how many times this year Durant has thrown the ball to a place expecting the receiver to be there just to have them not in that spot.
I have heard some complaining about Durant giving the palms up to the receivers and pointing out where they should have been. But if he is expecting them in a certain place and they aren't there then he has every right to blame them!

The only WR I have any faith in these days remains Dressler and he is double covered all game! Even so we absolutely need to get him the ball! He is by FAR our best receiver.. I wish I could still have faith in Getz, but sadly I don't. Every time the ball goes his way now my sphincter clenches preparing for the impending drop! Ephraim Hill IMO needs to be cut right now and replaced.. He seems to be in the wrong spot constantly! And he is one of the few players who was with us last year on offense.. Taj Smith is young so he gets some lee-way. Even so he is running wrong routes and making other mistakes often. I like his potential but I don't have any faith in him this year.
I was starting to like Sisco but its the same stuff with him, inconsistent and lazy route running. Jock Sanders is intriguing but we already have a better version of him in Dressler we don't need another.
I am getting so tired of the lazy/ wrong routes our WRs are running. I didn't think I would miss Fandy but so far this year I wish he was back in green and white.

Because other teams understand that the Riders have no consistent receiving threat outside of Dressler, so he's being systematically shut down, either double-covered or else layered with a man under and a man over top. I love Dressler, but he's not large enough to fight through double teams. You absolutely need another legit receiver. Getzlaf, at times, seems like he could be that guy, but the drops are crushing at the worst possible times. It's quite unfortunate that Bagg is done for the season (possibly for good, but let's hope not); he, at least, would have opened things up for Dressler.

I would seriously consider bringing LaPo back as OC if I were Taman. LaPo is the guy who helped Durant break out and become a star in this league. I think he understands how to run an offense built around Darian's strengths.


Lets not forget that he was on staff when Joseph had his superb 2007 season...receiver coach sure, but it has to play into it.

This is a very good post.

Durant had a poor game in BC. Other than that he's ranged from fine to awesome. The receivers are NOT getting open lately, and pair that up with some strong front 7s that they have faced (especially BC, Edm) the oline has been challenged to protect Durant.

I thought the defense was POOR against Calgary. Stamps should have scored 40, but they lifted off the pedal. Cornish had a very AVERAGE game, nothing special but still put up big time numbers. There is very little presence in the interior D line right now. Bring back Dario Romero.

the Sask D has really only had 1 good game, that was the 24-5 loss at BC. They don't scare opposing QBs at all, they don't handle the run very well and they don't force ANY turnovers. Why the hell is James Patrick blitzing so damn much (Richie Hall)? He should be jumping routes at free safety like he does better than anyone.

End the Shomari experiment. He's just not looking comfortable there at mack, which is not a good sign because its the most instinctive position on the field. Just put McCullough in the middle. Guy gets no respect. Most underrated player in the league.

I'm going to respectfully disagree with you on a few different spots here:

  1. I'm a huge Durant fan, and believe he will turn it around this, but he has not been near awesome at any point. He has had A LOT of drops, but he has also thrown a lot of bad balls that should not have been caught at all, but somehow got caught. He has been average so far from me.

  2. I think our D played bad the first two drives against Calgary, after that they tightened up. 4th Q they were a little gassed from all the running Cal was doing. I do not think we are missing Romero, I think Mick Willams is an upgrade at that postion, and Sholo must start due to his NI status, and our ratio troubles.

  3. Our D has played decent-good for most of the year, minus 1-2 games. Great against Edmonton at the start of the year, had a few bad games near the start, but we are now coming together nicely I think. Hall calls too soft of a D, especially when we are up, I have a feeling CC has almost taken over the D now.

  4. Shomari has been ended at MLB, and moved to WIL, for the time being, and I'm assuming that time will be next week, when Ferri is up to speed.

Not a huge Durant fan, but am also not looking to throw him under the bus entirely. Can we talk about the lack of time he is getting to get rid of the ball too?

However, shouldn't it be an automatic assumption that Dressler should be his first read on any play? If you look at the second last play before half-time in the Calgary game, we are on our 22 yard line and the best Durant can come up with is a 7 yard out? Hello? Did you happen to notice that Dressler was ten yards behind coverage, all by himself, and you didn't even look in his direction? His tunnel-vision and inability to work through his reads continues to be the issue that, unless fixed, will keep us as cellar dwellers.

3 - 5.6 yards per rush against...the D is bad

4 - Problem...NI vs Import

They need to figure DLT out. I knew there were issues, but Calgary exploited it and made it obvious for the entire CFL to see. They had him on his heels the whole game. I am not sure if that was Mick Williams or who...havent watched it on TV yet...but they almost always put 1 man on him, and pushed him wherever they chose to. This opened up huge gaps for Cornish because they could double up on the DE. not getting pressure from the DT is one thing, but that huge of a weakness kills any hope for the End.

That is the thing that a 30 year old, 5 year starter, should be automatic at. Which is why what you see from the Riders is what you are going to get for the next few years. How could anyone argue differentely. He has 8 wins in his last 26 starts. Sooner or later we have to stop blaming all the O.C.'s and put the onus on a certain underperforming participant in the offence. Not going to name names though. :cry:

I like him but he has to be on a short leash. Chamblin needs to pull him early if he's struggling for a couple of series and then put him back in. You'll see a big difference in his play I'm thinking.