My point exactly!! :rockin:

I think it's mostly due to the change in recievers. Early in the season he keyed on Dressler and Getz as he is very familiar with how they run thier routes. We've lost Bagg and Fantuz, but no one has stepped up yet to replace these guys. Sisco should be able to replace Bagg. We need at least two other recievers to step it up.

DD has been doing alot of shoe string passes, what the hell is with that? He's not a Rookie anymore, seems to be a lack of concentration. You can't throw timing plays if he's not accurate. He has also forced some blown plays that he should have been scrambling to make something happen! A good example is the last game against Edmonton where he almost fumbled that snap and still tried to force the ball to Dressler at the goal line who almost made a toe dragging TD. If he does not screw up the snap that play is an easy TD. Yet he still forces the throw? Instead he should be going to through his reads or rolling out to gain more time to make a play. He's also been indecisive lately, and not running when he has the chance instead looking for a reciever down field.

He's in a slump and I hope Jones can work him through it.