I'am thinking its enough of hanging here and thinking Durant is not the guy for the job it's time to find a new quarterback and bring back pride to the roughriders.

I'm getting sick of people saying he isn't the guy for the job. 2 grey cup appearances in his first 2 years. Sure he can play better but everyone has slumps. I am alot more concerned with Getzlaf right now. Could've easily stopped that interception and should've caught that pass along the sidelines.

I'm as big of a DD supporter as any, but felt Willy should have started the second half, or come in after the second interception.

That being said, Dressler needed to step into that pass.

slumps we you saying the last 2 years were slumps?

This o was just plain flat today. Horrid showing.

I didn't see many people complaining after the 3-0 start. He should probably run it more but he has reduced his interception total from previous years (even though he has 3 today). Sheets needs more handoffs for sure. We have an elite running back and aren't utlizing him. If you're seriously blaming Durant for all of last years problems something is wrong here.

i just want to see the roughriders playing like they use to. i'am a rider fan to the end , and they can't or should'nt depand on Durant . come on rider kick ass.

With three picks today, the td to int ratio reduction is wiped out...DD did nothing today. To me it was one of the worst games I have seen of him. Perhaps it is time to pull him for a series here and there.

24 to 5 thinking i have to make a call to get things changed come on riders the hole is getting deep time to turn this train around and regroup.

I find myself more frequently disappointwd with #89 than praising. He is capable of a lot, but is so hot and cold. Also, as I said earlier...at least half the one int is on Dressler.

The D played fairly well, but a few bad penalties hurt, and simply a dead offense. The Riders had no answer to the Lions defensive rush...I thought it was obvious...any time DD rolled, they looked good.

I think fans thought Getzlaf would just replace Fantuz but he will not. I honestly didn't think we would miss him this much but without Bagg we need someone who can consistently make a catch for 10 or so yards. I thought a couple of the calls were questionable the roughing the kicker was a classic Mccallum flop and a couple of roughing the passers, but it's very tough to win games when your offense can only get 3 points.

I thought that the contacting the kicker and roughing Lulay penalties were spot on.

IMO the inability to counter the Lion d-line was the end of the game. The riders were trying short passes, but BC has the best DBs in the CFL, so that ain't Gunna work, and you are not going to get a lot of long passes off cleanly. Answer...short slants, roll the QB, option plays. If BC wants to do odd man rushes there are going to be massive holes if you can extend the play. I find it concerning that this was not recognized

Well DD isn't a pocket passer that's for sure. He is a great qb because he can mix in a good pass game with an effective scrambling game that not many qb's in this league can do. It almost seems like they are scared to have him run it. That's how Durant is effective.

I think we should pull him for a game and give him time to think about it for a week. If Willy performs well, use him. If not then we can always go back to Durant.

I'm on the fence with DD, he plays good , he does not - up and down like a roller coaster, 4 years now as starter, he should be playing better than this. I also noticed a good chunk of our play book seems to throw it to either far side just at line of scrimage or a few yards over, seen this repeatedly last few games, we gain a few and claw our way down the field, no long bombs or so few thinkin maybe DD lost his confiedence in the long bomb. Our play book needs to more than a half doz. plays. Last 4 games I have seen few throws up the middle?? I also agree DD needs to sit one out! But in all fairness it's not all on DD, we have a winning team, the players are there, just need to play 4 quarters strong and as a team! I keep hoping this is slump is like BC had last season, time will tell!!

I see your point, but I wouldn't sit Durant for a whole game unless he is injured. On the other hand, if he is struggling in the first half or early in the 3rd quarter, it wouldn't hurt to pull him for a series or two to see if he can get a better handle on what D is doing to him and see if he and Khari Jones and OC Bob Dyce can work out a better strategy to beat the D and then send him back in. In the meantime Drew Willy gets some playing time, and maybe he lights things up to the point where maybe Durant doesn't have to go back in any too soon.

you know, the more I think about it...how often do the riders not do one of htese things: throw to the sideline or run up the middle?
There are really no screens, no sweeps/pitches, no bootlegs, not much over the middle. Perhaps some diversification is required.

I see a lot of your point, Depop. But every time DD tries a throw to the sideline, it scares the H out of me. He either hesitates too long and is too late with the throw, or he just doesn't seem to get it there fast enough. I think there were one or more yesterday that were close to going the other way if the DB makes the catch. I agree on the more running up the middle by Durant or Sheets, or even Dressler or Sanders, kind of like BC did with 82 and 85. When they ran the odd screen to the side, it seemed to work out well. Also that one bootleg that DD ran for a first down worked well because BC was so sure the back was getting the ball.

We also have to take in to consideration the Offensive line has been banged up,Best played Centre for the first time and it showed.There were a number of blow assignments along the line and this will also feed into the Durrants overall mindset.If he doesn't feel safe with the O Line then the clock in his head will not be right and the timing of his passing will not be in sync with his intended Receiver.

It seems to me that we don't have enough good receivers. Dressler is great, but after that we don't have a standout guy. With Dressler being double covered, there aren't any other big weapons. I hate to keep making excuses for Durant, but I believe he is a good QB without the propped coaching or receiving support.