Je regardais la dernière partie contre les Eskimos, et je trouvais qu’il y avait quelque chose que Durant semblait avoir un peu perdu. Quelque chose d’un peu insaissable, comme une capacité à sortir un lapin de son chapeau lorsque son équipe en a besoin.

Je regarde Durant cette saison, et il me semble qu’il a plus tendance à forcer le jeu que lors de ses premières saisons comme partant. Ce n’est peut-être qu’une impression, mais il me semble que ça fait quelques fois cette saison que Durant lance des ballons qu’il aurait dû garder. Pourtant, avec le temps, l’expérience devrait lui avoir appris qu’il vaut parfois mieux accorder un sac que lancer le ballon à un gars couvert.

J’ai toujours aimé Durant. C’est un quart mobile qui a une bonne vision du jeu. Il a aussi pas mal de chien, comme l’a montré le touché qu’il a fait sur un jeu d’option du quart. Il aurait pu se coucher, mais il a prolongé le jeu jusqu’à la zone des Eskimos.

Peut-être est-ce le fait qu’il a moins de complicité avec les receveurs qu’il a sous la main maintenant? Si ce n’est que ça, on peut espérer qu’il revienne bientôt en force. Si c’est autre chose, je commence à me demander si Durant ne sera pas un autre genre de Kevin Glenn. Un gars plein de talent, un bon quart, mais qui a son lot d’inconstance. Il va sans dire que je ne le souhaite pas, mais son rendement de cette saison me laisse encore songeur.

Good post LeStaf; I always look for Durant to play well in all his games; Darian could have ran the ball on the throw [penalty] which was over the line of scrimmage. Then again the Rider receiver was open going toward the sideline too.
Film study...ect.

Durant is looking more and more like he's not a closer! If we get up by 15-20 points, I say let Drew try his hand see if he can finish. I'm not short citing this either, goes back 3 yrs now, many leads/games he's blown in the 4th. Just a thought baseball teams do it all the time! You can draw many similarities in most sports, Kobe coasts thru 3 quarters then hammers hard in the 4th, he's a finisher!

What I have seen as big improvements in Durant's game this year:

  • Throwing balls away he used to try to force. We saw this out of the gate, and it is a big reason his interceptions are down so far...even though he has thrown a few in the last couple games.
  • Flats...way more zip and a lot less loft on his flats. Previous years I always was scared a pass to the flats was going to be a pick 6.
  • not throwing across his body any more. This used to cause some dangerous passes.
  • Moving around in the pocket a PILE better. He has a little more confidence in his line and has been able to step into lanes a lot better.
  • Rolling - He does not roll as much as he should, but when he does he does not look as one dimensional...prepared to pass or run. Now Hamilton played this absolutely perfect on one play and got an INT. He went back and forth a few times between run or pass, but their D was so patient...playing really smart football. DD waited too long, passed later than he should have, and it was picked. You could tell he saw both avenues, and I believe this INT, while costly, was something that he learned from, so I am fine with it. He should have passed 5 steps sooner, or picked up his 3 yards and slid...he knows it, and I truly believe he learned from it.
  • throwing a lot more short routes.

What I have not liked:

  • Not taking off enough. I don't want to see a Nealon Greene, but when he threw once over the line was a prime example. He had a clear path for a first down...why throw it? I mean, yea, if there is a wide open guy streaking down the sideline, go for it. I low risk run where you are not going to get hit...take it every time. He has had this pass first thing drilled into he head too hard.
  • Missing on deep balls...missing by 3 yards LOTS. These are game changers...if he tunes that in an hits 1/2 of them look out!
  • Diversify the targets...though in fairness, in the first half of the game against the Esks he basically did not throw to Getz or Dressler in the first half, so he is clearly building chemistry with other guys, and it is a concern that has to have been discussed in the locker room.
  • Not running the option...ok, not his call, but he should be vocalizing it more. The option was a thing of beauty with him and Cates...it would be scary with much speedier and agile Sheets.
  • Not passing over the middle. Since Dressler got hurt a couple years back DD basically has not passed over the middle in that 8-12 yard range. This is where Harper would be money.

While I do agree he has not done well late in games, the D has not helped either, nor has some of the play calling.

Not his fault:

  • Passing on 2nd and 2 when you only need a FG.
  • Passing 12 yards into the heart of the secondary when you have a late lead...realistically, the D is pinching the 5-15 yard pass, and smothering the run at this point. you need to use screens or deep balls, or have faith in your blocking and run.

His fault:

  • Panicking and passing a yard behind his WR who is running a hook or deep slant...seen it way too much
  • Short hopping because he is putting too much on the pass...playing with too much emotion at that point is my guess. A QB playing with strong emotion, positive or negative, is generally a bad thing.