Putting yesterday's game aside (because it is a poor example of my upcoming comments, grandmas on Rascal scooters could have beat the Mike Kelly version of Big Blue yesterday).

I wish I would take some of my early comments of Durant and quote them in this thread, but you can imagine. I really disliked him and thought his inability to read past a playbook and completly unable to read plays-in-motion was something that he could never improve on. But I was so, so, so wrong. This guy has really improved leaps and bounds. He is composed and really dropped his int's, reading better, making better decisions. Yesterday must have felt good being taken out because ya done well, not because you blew it out your rear.

Anyway, I am completly glad I was dead wrong about him (and questioning ET again). Hope he continues improving and carrying on this path.

So, tidbit here, When is Harrell eligible, I can't remember when he got put on the nine game? I think it would have been fun to see him take a few snaps yesterday.

It helps when the team your playing against either hands you the game (ala Hamilton) and you play a glorified junior team like the Bombers. The Riders may make the playoffs by the skin of their teeth but will lose their first game. Then it will be time to rebuild coaching staff and with them clean house on QB's on the active roster, none of them worth keeping.


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I swear this guy just goes on every thread just to be an ass!!!!! How the hell can anyone be so damn critical of a new QB as this guy its like he expexts DD to start out in this league looking like Flutie after starting for 5 years!!! If you dont like how the riders play then become a Stamps fan we dont want you in the rider nation

Whoa buddy, hows the blood pressure these days? Relax or you will hurt yourself.

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I dont understand how anyone can be saying that DD is not a good QB !!!! He has the talent to move the chains just like or more so than every other QB in this league. Its pretty hard to expext him to be gaining stats like AC when hes only started in a hand full of games. I do think DD is promising because the one thing ive seen in him over any other QB in this league is HEART and DEDICATION. I dont see him just throwing 3,4,or 5 ints and getting over it and moving on i see him learning from it. The riders have had their fair share of bad QBs (Must i bring up nealon greene) but i dont see DD as being one of them because he isnt narrow minded he dosnt stick with what he wants to do NO he adapts and learnes and improves his game, He still has a long road ahead but im happy to see that road as a fan!!!!!!!

I was impressed with Durant's dedication when Corey Grant mentioned him in one of his articles, back when he was the 3rd string QB, behind KJ and Crandell. Even while he was only getting scout team reps, he was working with other guys on the team -- even the veteren receivers -- on "practicing good habits".

Winning or Losing in Week 1 has no impact on Week 2. It’s how “YOU? handle the week of practice that will determine your team’s results for the next game. The habits you instil as a player and as a team during practice will not only decide this week but also possibly the rest of the season. It took “Double D? (Darian Durant) 23 weeks last year of continuously getting on me about jogging during practice and giving me different ideas of how to run routes before I understood what he was getting at “PRACTICING GOOD HABITS!? (I like to call them “WINNING HABITS!?)

That's the kind of leadership we need out of a QB -- and that's why he's the man.

And add to all the undeniable maturing we are watching week after week, Austin said, on his way out to the NCAA, "Durant is the smartest Q.B. I have EVER coached". That was enough to sell me at the time, and Austin is looking pretty credible yet again.

What you see from the Riders is a true measure of what they are - roughly a .700 team. Many picked them to finish second in the West and that is exactly where they are heading, unless we get Cates firing on all cylinders as well as Durant doing the same ( then first in the west is not out of the question ).

The biggest difference is in attitude and atmosphere. The team has always been hailed as hero's by the fans around them but for much of the last few decades they had a loosing attitude and the Riders where not a "players want to come here" team muck like BC.

Now they are - The team believes they can win every game and plays to win even if they don't. Players want to play on the Riders not just for the fans but for themselves. The rebuilding is done - over ... now its building up to where we can consider the Riders a perennial power house instead of a one season wonder.