Miller wouldn't comment on Durant after he left the field holding his stomach. I just hope it's pre-game 1st start nerves. Stomach flu would be the worst timing in the world right now.

Just in case, I'm going to start training right now in case Tillman wants to call me up. :smiley:

Yeah, Miller said he had a bit of the flu but should be ready for the game verse Hamilton.

all i know is if i had the flu i couldnt consontrate on the game, nothing would be appealing to me i dont care if would be my first pro start... just my opinion

exactly.....and throwing in Marcus too early may prove detrimental in the long run. If Durant is singing into the toilet bowl, then it has to be Jyles and Tate. Even if he starts to get better, he won't be in game frame of mind for Saturday.

Dave Naylor is already speculating on Durant testing free agency in his CFL insider spot on TSN.

I don't know if Durant will be able to command a starter contract. But testing free agency will more than likely see him leave Sask.

In response to Naylor's clip on CFL Insider ( TSN.ca/cfl --> Where To Go ). Rob Vanstone actually talked with Durant:

The TSN CFL Insider clip by Dave Naylor, transcribed:

Would be silly if we didn't see this coming at some point. Que the controversy and rightfully so. Bish hasn't won games and has looked bad really since he came here, realistically we need to be giving Durant the reigns for a couple weeks to see what we actually have, because honestly none of us really know after only 2 games, but we need to find out and stop riding a old horse that isn't going to get us anywhere.

Look as Hamilton as an example, Quinton Porter looked good even though they lost you could see there was tallent there regardless of supporting staff.

Well then this better be the end of Durant. Move Jyles to '# 2 and let Durant go and get his starting Q.B. Salary. Who is going to give him that over any other that they already have. 2 games as a starter and the league is his to own as a Q.B.????? Game 3 was very similar to game 3 of hundreds of wannabes this league has seen. They are all gone now. Call the bluff and let's move on with Bishop, Jyles and Tait. Why waste time on someone who won't be here next year unless he makes starting dough. I think we have all seen this already and know how it will play out. What's with these arrogant Q.B.'s who think 2 decent, at best, games, gives them Hall of fame status.?

Doesn't he deserve the chance? How is he gonna make it if all he is ever gonna be is a backup. Tell me, how does he get games under his belt without being a starter? I like Bishop but he is never gonna be another KJ. I'm not saying Durant is gonna be the second coming of KJ, but Bishop hasn't made a name for himself let Durant play.

Sorry what is wrong with a guy who wants to start, moved up played amazingly well, and unexplainably has been relegated to 2nd string? If I was him I would be pissed off at this point too. Your team is on a 3 game losing streak (you came in as relief and didn't perform granted) and you still aren't getting the reps you need with the 1st team to be effective. I am sorry if we lose to Calgary at home we need to try and get one of the young guys ready for playoff time. News flash Bish isn't going to lead us to the Cup this year or any year (yes I truly do hope I have to eat crow on this), where we have the option to get the young guns game time. I am thinking that there must be more to this than meets the eye, something tells me MIller doesn't like Durant for one reason or another.

Durants comments when interviewed:

Durant should feel lucky that he got as much playing time as he has. He needs to stop talking about his future during the season, he was number 2 at the start of the year and he should just be happy that his stock is up. He will play again.

Bishop needs to sit a game. Great arm strength, but needs to get more accurate.

Bishop will never be more accurate. He has had 7 years in the CFL to become more accurate and he hasn't so I think it is time to go with a smart QB over a QB with arm strength.