Durant - Willy Long term or short term success

Well I see it like this. Durant regained part of his form from 09/10 but he was vastly inconsistant. BUT as of right now he gives us the best chance to win RIGHT NOW. As in 2013 Grey Cup at home. Willy on the other hand if we started him in 2013 we could get away with a 7-11, 6-12 record but the learning curve would ensure future success down the road. So I ask do we think short term and start our 30 year old QB or do we think long term and start our 26 year old QB?

Durant, not even a question in my eyes.

Durant. Durant has had great success in the playoffs over the time he has been here. As long as the Riders get into the playoffs, and there is no doubt in my mind they will in 2013, this team under Durant has the ability to make it to the Grey Cup. I expect Durant to have at least 1 possibly 2 or 3 GC titles before his career is done with the right players and personal around him. Lets not forget that his recievers had the bad case of the drops last season, and the oline was very inconsistant all year long.

I agree strongly, Darant stays healthy for the most part; thus the team has total confidence in Drew Willy also when called upon.

The new O-Line coach will address what needs to be done in this area and is the "KEY" focus for Chamblin at this point.

the line coach is a great point...that is one coaching change I was in full agreement with.

imo, DD played top notch ball for 9 games, good ball for 7 and had 2 bad outings. It the receivers stay relatively healthy and start using some super glue it will help a lot.

DD vastly improved his passes to the shallow flats, and somewhat improved his underneath to the hash pass...the 2 areas he struggled the most in the past.

I believe we are going to see something huge out of DD in 2013. It will be the year he casts away a lot of doubters.

Give DD some decent recievers and protection, he will be just fine next year. Willy needs some work but has potential.

I'm all for having DD start for the next 4-5 years, I along with others stuck with him during his patchy performances during the 2011 season. I just brought up the topic because Willy offers his youth and long term success while Durant (with the right pieces) ensures success for the next 3-4,

IMO Durant's off season wish list
-A tall fast Wide Receiver, yes Dressler and Getzlaf make for a good slotback tandem and Taj had his flashes but scouting/managment needs to find Durant an outside threat.

-More depth at oline: Picard was ok but overall an improvement. BUT those guys looked lost in the WSF.

-A stable, simplified, effective playbook. (The read option has made its way into the NFL maybe it can work for us?)

It's going to be interesting to see how this year plays out. I'm thinking no teams are going to want to showcase their backups to often, with Ottawa comming in and taking the best 2 they feel they can grab. Only one per team can be protected, so this is probably the worst year to have a capable backup. Lets hope Riders can hide Willy for the year and then it's clear sailing from there as far as not losing him with no say in the matter.

Durant is the starter and Willy is the back up it is a very clear and good situation for both right now.

Sorry guys, still don't think DD will lead us to a Grey Cup, he is just to inconsistent, as for Willy, after his last time on the field, was not so impressed, me thinks we need some new QB's in camp to check out!! JMO