Durant will now do QB Sneaks..

with the likelyhood that Jyles is off to Winnipeg, we won't have to worry anymore about having a backup QB doing the snaps for 1 yd.

it's always been a stupid idea and I will truly be pissed off if they do it again with whoever is #2!

I believe that this will be a big year for Darian.. even bigger than last year! he'll have a great O-Line to protect him, stronger running backs, and of course his receivers! plus he has a full season now under his belt!

now the Riders just need to get their Defense out of the Hospital Ward.. of Free Agency!

Ray and Burris are both invaluable to their team, yet seem to get all the 2nd down action.
McPherson coming in for the fossilized Calvillo makes sense, same with Jackson taking snaps for the fragile Pierce.

Jyles as a regular on the 2nd down sneak = total fail.
He offers nothing over Durant, just manages to kill momentum.

I'm actually a fan of the second-stringer getting the short-yardage sneaks. It keeps your backup at least semi-involved in the game. If the system is set up properly, there's no reason why the backup can't be effective doing the sneaks. In fact, McPherson usually turns a one-yard sneak into a five-yard gain.

One wrong move or accidental hit in a sneak and you've just gone and gotten your starting QB injured for no good reason.

Just beacuse Jyles is gone does not mean Durant will be taking the short yardage snaps.

And how do you say we have stronger running backs at this point?

Rumour /Speculation Snag in Jyles to Winnipeg deal... Jyles wants assurance that he will be given clear path to the starting position, wants to know status of one Michael Bishop?

LaPolice/Barresi + Michael Bishop = FUBAR. LaPolice couldn't work with Bishop here....the guy is a poster boy for the apple turnover....

My guess is that we have seen the end of Bishop......unless of course Taman brings him in to replace Jyles. :lol:

Jyles turn overs are something to consider! Was it 5 qb sneaks fumbled in 2009 ? What % of all his sneaks was that ?

And, add to the fumbles the handful of times he never made the required yardage. All bad. I'm not a huge fan of bringing in the other guy, although, as mentioned, it works for some teams. My dislikes for it is the new guy is cold, the snap becomes much riskier and it almost telegraphs the play to the defence.

Plus, i don't think Jyles was all that good at executing those plays. QB sneaks are largely instinctive plays, and he didn't have it. MacPherson does.

I agree, I don't understand what the fuel is behind the Jyles rumour. I'm just speculating that Wpg and Bishop are probably now done now that LaPolice is steering the ship.

I think Jyles is one of the fastest QBs in the CFL. I could be wrong, but when he getsa in the open and is going full speed, he leaves everybody in the dust. The only guys to catch him are the ones already in front of him.

To me this means that he has potential for an incredible scrambler. I would not be surprised to see him really stepping it up big time in a starter position.

To trade Jyles, IMO is a mistake. I thought he was a strong 2nd guy. I was no fan of him in the beginning, but this past season he impressed me, for a back-up.

We can't trade him.....he's not ours. He is a free agent, and can sign anywhere he wants.

...I think it had something to do with an online poll...

Always a good source for accurate information

Turns out to be pretty darn accurate jyles heads to the bombers today!

Except my post has nothing to do with Jyles.


Oh my god have I started a fad?? woohoo!

According to the stats at CFL.ca, Jyles had 1 fumble in 2009. Durant had the most on the team with 6 followed by Boreham with 5: http://www.cfl.ca/uploads/assets/CFL/2009_stats/Saskatchewan_Team_Stats.pdf