Durant will get blasted by Edm defense......

Richie Hall's D is going to make Durant wish he should have stayed in bed this am.

Clearly you haven't been watching the same Edmonton team as the rest of us... :expressionless:

Well they blasted the Riders in the 2nd half last game in Regina. All they have to do is to put a little pressure on Durant and he will fold and start overthrowing or throwing pics. He hasn't learned how to handle blitz yet so any pressure and he is mud.

terminator.. I'd say you're being a troll, but this is in the Edmonton Forum...

Eskimos Posters, please ignore this fool.

he really hates Durant. he knows not what he speaks. :roll:

More personal insults from this wanna be football poster. Oh well, check out all his posts in reaction to my posts and you will see all he does is insult and trash other people when he doesn't have any opinion whatsoever on football nor makes any sense when he talks about anything remotely relating to football. I feel sorry for him actually.

Here's a thought, if Saskatchewan posters can't play nice, then get the hell out of Edmonton's board! :wink:

Durant played a great Game . he is going to be a good QB for a long time , Nice to see some good QB's developing this year.(Pickett,Durant and Porter) I wish we could see Sabransky play some Football but the Games have been to close this Year.