Durant, west nominee, MOP

Head to head, Darian performed and Joffrey came up second. It would be a travesty if Darian isn't the nominee.

Um... Reynolds had a total of 129 yards. He was Calgary's best player last night. I still say he should get the nominee over Durant. One game doesn't make you the MOP. :wink:

But finishing first in your division IS part of the equation!!!

No I say it goes to Reynolds he has an awsome season

Sure it does, but I'd still argue that Reynolds was better. He had his second highest rushing total of his career this season, and he set a new career record for rushing TDs. Plus he had 9 100-yard games. Fact is, the guy was a beast all season, and he should get the nod.

That doesn't mean Durant shouldn't get recognition for the season he had. This was his first full season as a starter, and he played pretty well. Unfortunately, to be MOP, he has to put up better numbers. He finished with a TD-INT ratio of 24-21. Gotta get those picks down. Bring the completion percentage up, etc.