Durant vs. Jackson in Saskatchewan


A very interesting match-up in Regina Thursday night. Here we have a sick, injured Rider's QB. vs. a recovering injured Lions QB. Common sense says the Riders should win at home but seldom do you see a CFL team lose six in a row, in particular any of Wally Buono's teams. Darien took a pounding last week and was physically sick. That wears your body and mind down. With the short week this is a huge advantage to the Lions. On the other hand, Jarious Jackson has not played much at all this year. But he is a veteran who has played in big games before, remember he started for Notre Dame in the states!!!! The Lions have little to lose and everything to gain. Should they get the breaks early, I see an upset in the making. However, if Durant toughs it out and the Riders win again over the Lions, the fat lady begins to sing and the Lions playoffs hopes are already going, going, gone.
Which quarterback plays better and avoids costly interceptions will likely determine the game. This may be the game of the week for excitement and a barnburner finish. A big play by special teams may be the difference in the final outcome. If Jackson stumbles - who would you as coach put in for the Lions - Lulay, Printers or Jackie Parker???? Go Riders Go!!!!

Rider Pride Nation Wide. :rockin:

Right now I’ve got B.C. pegged a 0% chance of winning… which means they’ll likely win. Still in the matchup between sick Durant v recovering Jackson I like Durant’s chances more. One major disadvantage for the Riders is that they don’t have any major amounts of footage on Jackson for this year which could play against them. I’m still choosing Saskatchewan though.

So what that he started for a US College. . . so too did such luminaries as Timmy Chang, Andre Ware, and Tee Martin, just to name a few.

Jackson has been given many many chances over the past few seasons to take the #1 job in BC, and each and every time he has come up wanting. Personally I don't see that changing.

And I think Darian Durant could very well be this season's MOP.

So, if it comes down to just the quarterbacking, my money would be on Durant.

Bad teams lose six in a row with some amount of frequency, and the Lions are not a good team. Buono's track record doesn't count for much at this point, people said that about losing four games, then five. He doesn't have the horses to be better then third or fourth place.


Quit jinxing my boys!

Sorry, but I don't see this game as interesting... I'll still be watching it, though.

This week, Interesting games will be in the East, where teams with similar win/loss records will play against each other.

If the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge is any indication, the only interesting game this week will be Hamilton/Winnipeg. It's just about the only game this week in which there is no majority consensus on who will win it.

Agreed. I definitely can't see Montreal and Calgary losing. Same with Saskatchewan. I just hope we don't end up with three blowouts.

I know I'll be watching the Ham./Winn. game with a close eye and Buck Pierce may get the nod at QB.