Durant to Wpg (Speculation)

Now that the Riders have Bishop as their #1. I don't think Durant wants to wait for him to retire before getting his shot. Bombers should bring in Crandell as their Offence Coordinator and his buddy Durant will follow at the end of this year as a free agent. Trade Glen back to the riders for a DB or what ever they can get.

Nope will not ever happen. The Riders have a good mix of DBs. The only thing thatWPG has that SSK may want is one of Edwards, Bryant and Armstrong. However I think they are playing injured thus there is nothing WPG could offer.

Bishop is not going to be QB forever, I hope they don't trade Durant. I think he will be given the chance to compete for the spot next season.

That is if he resigns with the Riders. The bombers should be patient. He may try free agency then the bombers can make an offer with out losing anything.

the Riders, if they have brains.. should keep Durant. you don't trade a guy who is your future QB to Winnipeg!

Agreed, Durant is the Rider's "Future". They should groom him behind Bishop like BC groomed Pierce behind Dickenson.

Tillman should be using the "Patience" word alot around Durant.

lol thats the stupidest idea I have ever heard, or least the stupidest I have heard in a while haha

gotta be more specific jman

As redwhite said. Durant will be a free agent. Bombers may not have to give up anything. Riders may need Glen as a backup if Bombers sign Durant. He is already pissed with management for bringing in Bishop and getting rid of his friend. Bishop is the #1 guy. Bombers are still looking for one. Maybe one of Durant, Dinwiddie, Chang, or Randall be the one next year?

ya when pierce got groomed he also learned how to get injured HAHAHA. sry need to take a cheap shot.

but Durant is a good Qb and agreed to the fact he is future QB for the riders.

The bombers have the same thing in Bryan Randall its now just a matter of giving him the chance to play. And i think if the blue lose next week it is the time. Can Glenn on the offseason and give randall the chance to develope while the games still matter for other teams.

Apparently the issues Durant had have be resolved, he’s decided to be a “team guy”

Really have you got inside info. I am sure he will weigh his options at the end of the season.

When was he not a “team guy”?
when ET announces he is under contract next year, then you can say all the issues have been resolved. Not one second before.

You right Arius when Tillman has a signature on a contract then you can stipulate he is a Rider team guy.

Close. He is a team guy. He proved that when he toed the party line regarding Crandell was “the guy” and has proven it even more by accepting Bishop as the number one. But being a team guy doesn’t mean he will sell his future just to be “a team guy”. If we don’t sign him, no one will blame him if he shops his services around. I think every team in the league would show some interest in him after what he has shown so far.

He's a team guy as long as he's on the team. If he becomes a FA he can shop his services around. That's his right, and doing so would in no way indicate that he's not a team guy.

Tillman will tell him that his future is bright in Regina

He can tell him anything he wants. But dollars will talk. And if he isn't told he will be allowed to compete for the #1 job, and the dollars will prove the seriousness of such a promse, he'll likely walk.

Unless he's got two Grey Cup rings with the riders. He'd be the only QB in rider history to have two as a player.

Maybe he'll just stick around and enjoy playing on a championship team for a while.

very dumb post, Riders are looking to the future not go back in time, trade Durant for Glenn not a chance!
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