Durant to stay

I guess this answers that question!

Saskatchewan is where I want to be,'' Durant said Tuesday from his home in Jacksonville, Fla. "Regardless if we make the move to sign Jason, I still want to be a Rider.

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That question was answered on his way out. It's the lack of anything from the Riders that is a bit of a concern. Where is Tillman these days? Vacation????

He was sick at home with the flu.

Bad time to be sick with the flu, he has to get Mo, Mac, and possibly Lucas under contract, not to mention the whole Clermont situation.

Something tells me Flick / Dominguez / Palmer / McKoy and possibly Grant will not be riders come training camp.

we can't make another trade for a 'proven vet' , or 'half as$ed prooven vet'.. we need to focus some coaching towards the QB position... Name a guy, and stick with him. we've got the tools around him (whoever he maybe) to have him be a pez dispencer. Use what you got, then if something breaks do you try and fix it... but right now we're 100% at 0-0 and 0.