Durant to start against Hamilton

First good news I have heard in a while. Let the good times roll.

Riders got to win this one!

I don't really think Durant is a superstar in the making but this move definitely had to be made. Durant will make better decisions that won't cost us games. We'll see if he is good enough to get this offense on track.

This is NOT a good sign for the Riders. Stable teams don't flip flop QB's. I still think Bishop is probably your best bet, as good as it gets anyways. Bishop can get the job done, even if it is only a few big plays here and there. But lets face it Rider fans, If your "D" is going to give up 42 points a game at this point in the season it won't matter much who's throwing or how many of your starting receivers you get back.

Very good news, now if he wins the game the critics will say well it was only hamilton, Riders need to play these guys and see who is going to be the starter come playoffs, i like Durants mobility while throwing and he does not force the ball, i really think he will only get better with time, Durant is going to suprise some people.

No offence, but I think this is a very oversimplified analysis. There is an interrelationship between offence, defence and special teams. In both the Montréal game and last week's Calgary game (the two games that we got blown out - you make it sound like it has happened alot), special teams rarely got a return of over 15 yards and had plenty of penalties to push them back even further or the punt was short or they allowed a good runback. Hence field position was lost time and again. Then both the opponent and the Sask offence starts deep in the Sask end. Then Sask's offence turned the ball over deep in their own end many times. That gave a very short field for the opponent's offence. Sure the D made mistakes, too, (esp. in the Calgary game), but, generally in those kinds of games, it is inappropriate to say that the blame is proporational to the points against. In the Calgary game, the D held Calgary to field goals many times but they get worn down and can't do that every time.

Well throwing Durant in against Hamilton isn't fair to Can't Get Right now is it? Oh well, Riders will probably lose anyway as the Ticats are hungry for a win.

You can always count on Swervy to tro... er... contribute something meaningful. Personally, I like the move. I never understood why the Riders traded for Bishop. I always figured Durant would be their guy.

And what was that Turkeybend post about BC Quarterbacks??? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Actually, I think the Riders are just trying to increase program sales by changing QB's on a regular basis. :wink: :wink:

Turkey, have you got shares to program sales? :lol: :lol: :lol:

This is the right move. Bishop has been poor gusting very occasionally up to good and gusting down more often to awful. The man just can't read a defense, and all the arm strength in the world doesn't make a damn bit of difference when you throw a pick into triple coverage. Also, someone needs to explain to him that there are things called intermediate and short routes.

Durant is a young stud. I really liked what I saw of him earlier in the season. He had poise and maturity, his pre-snap reads were solid, and he had the ability to audible effectively at the line.

...Durant has shown he can be succesful ...given the opportunity.....Bishop always proves out to be one-dimensional...that's why the the Argos were never sold on this guy....I noticed the stamps cut the 'out-side' off on Bishop last game...when you force him do to do things he is not comfortable with , it ususally ends up in disaster....Great arm ...but lacking in other important skills...Durant is more versatile and can actually throw almost as well as Bishop.....reasons why he's going to be the starter...and unless he gets re-injured should be the no 1 guy till the end of the year...just my take... :wink:

Durant is OK, but currently he is not first string material.
In fact, I will go on record to state how the Riders may not win without Bishop and in fact, the Cats may surprise them.

A healthy Durant is better than Bishop.

Durant did not do anything special last time he was in a game, so I don't expect anything spetacular from him. I say he will be average, just like the rest of the team. He might even be below average, because he doesn't have Cates to bail him out this time around.

well, I was actually half expecting and hamilton upset, but now I am not.

I heard Cates might be back this weekend. I'd rather have Durant in and throw for an avg 250 yards than have Bishop throwing for 350 yards between the 30 yard lines. A change had to be made.

When the Riders get Cates back. And Fantuz and Flick and Dominguez and Bowman and Oday. The qb will be a lot better. Durant or Bishop. Durant is not great but he was good when the Riders were healthy. I hope he plays good against the Ticats. I also hope this. Bishop gets to play again when Riders get there starters back.

Go Riders. Beat the Ticats. And go Durant. Riders can still do this. Finish 2nd and get home playoff game. Hope this happens. Riders beat Lions in playoffs this year. SwervinMervin will cry. Again.

For my two cents, I have always believed that offensive and defensive coordinators must play to the strengths of the QBs at their disposal. The overall game strategy, schemes and specific plays must suit Durant, or Bishop or whomever. Otherwise, you get the situation in Toronto where Joseph is hamstringed by a pocket passing offensive scheme. To ask an athlete to fit the system will always be less successful in my view. :cowboy: