Durant to haters

'thank you to the ones that believed in me, and the ones that didn't, they know what they can do. You know, I'm a champion and nobody can take that away from me'

You know who you are, and your assessment...mehhh...whatever.

DD - making a push to be viewed as the #1 QB in Rider history. 1 more, and there will be no question.

Yes. One more. But I like the idea of even more than that.

I just heard he is on his option year. The CFL needs to get the new CBA in place with the players association to determine the CAP.
And the Expansion Draft needs to take place so teams can truly make their assessments on needs.

Bottom line, the Riders need to make sure DD is locked up long term. I think he can command Ricky Ray type salary now...

Good note. I support him but being long the tooth I can recall a lengthy list of QB's Rider Nation has run out of town. And yes, some really deserved it. (that would be quite another post but not now)

Ronnie Lancaster won our very first Grey Cup and, wow - did he have his haters....especially as a 2-14 coach for two years! He wouldn't leave town despite the haters and good on him and his legacy for that.
Then Austin - he won us a cup and BAM! Haters ran him out of town. "Oh! He doesn't live in Regina in the off season!" Seriously? "Oh! He didn't sign little Timmy's game program!" Seriously? Haters ran him out of town.

So here's the question, more of a poll, what's the over under until Rider Nation Haters run Durant out of town? 2016? 2015 maybe?
C'mon, you haters.....you know the answer and you've got your work cut out for you now.

For decades, we've shown what fantastic fans we are. Now that the Riders - including and especially Durant - have shown how they can win and win with class, my hope is that our fans will show that we are the fans with the most class in the league. Let's hope that next season, when the Riders lose some games, we don't get the same unintelligent drivel from some so-called "fans" this year. If you thought we should kick Durant off the team this year, please catch the next bus to Winnipeg.

Could not agree more, He made a believer out of me at the start of the season, I held true, till then was not sure, I was this year, for the first time!! DD has come into his own, and with some good players around him, he will continue to impress the league!!

Gotta admit that I would have been one of the ones he was talking to, at times, this year. I was all for him from the get go after Austin said on his way out as coach that Durant could be the smartest Q.B. he has coached. I think Durant was a rookie at the time. Then to go with the success record he has had since starting; 5 years, 3 Cup appearances and a lights out playoff this year, I guess I got a little sidetracked during this season when things went south for a month or 2. He is indeed elite and a must contract extend for the Riders this year.

Absolutely agree, and as I posted in another stream, fans need to look at what Durant's teammates think of him. In the post-game interviews, Sheets, Dressler, and Simon all said very emphatically what a great leader Durant has been, and how he has shouldered the pressure for the whole team, often unfairly. Durant is just entering his prime as a quarterback and the Riders should do whatever they can to lock up his services.

yes darian is a ##1 q.b. don't pay attention to the nay sayers , their just negative people stick with us positive fans, we make our noise at the games go riders go darian, the riders go as darian do. ha. happy grey cup.

DD is a class act. How many of us could play a half season of football and win a GC with a broken foot and ribs. DD will do anything to win a GC. We should all feel privileged to be able to cheer for his team. I can't speak for anyone else but I am just about ready to beat the stuffing out of the next person to bad mouth the greatest QB this team has seen. Go Darian Go.

I think we finally saw the veteran QB that we thought we had as a Rookie. Using his legs to expand his arsenal of plays. He doesn't have to play like Calvillo. Still need a quality backup for injury situations (say his ribs were broken), question is is it Drew Willy? DD is the man he proved that with a GC win, hopefully the core of the team sticks together. We have a ton of good quality free agents.

As far as I am concerned, Willy can go.

Matt Dominguez said it best after the Semis...
Durant knew there was no tomorrow and played like it. Fans want him to play like that more, but the simple fact is that he wouldn't make it through the season.

Well said.

[quote="depopulationINC"]As far as I am concerned, Willy can go.

Got to agree. I think the Riders should invest time with Sunseri.

Yup, Willy has 1 major thing going for him...size. the fact that he can not convert on short yardage with that size sends up WAY too many red flags for me. There is something on a larger scale wrong there. The coaches clearly knew they could not improve it in s timely manor, and started using Durant instead. Too me this says that their is either a rift between Willy and coaching staff, they are losing faith in him, he is a slow learner, or simply incapable of stepping up...any angle, i dont see them racing to re-sign him, which ia a shame, because he has the physical stature and attributes that give him a lot of potential.

if it wasn't for Sheets heroics you would all be yelling for Durants head

You just can't give the guy credit can you, he played well, very well. Threw 3 TD's and if not for DD we would not of made it past BC!! Give it a rest go troll else where!

I think it more has to do with common sense when it gets cold out. It's extremely difficult for a guy to come in cold and be expected to run the short yardage teams effectively. It's different in July and August, but once October and November roll around, just stick with the starter.

Pathetic...Get a life
If you seriously feel that way, you opinion is not of little relevance, it is of no relevance.

Durant's numbers in the playoffs, including GC, were amazing, as was his general leadership and control of the games.

Really? Every other team did it well. They stopped using him after the first week of October after he had gone something like 2 for 7 in short yardage over a few games.

Yet, he lost every game that Sheets didn't play. :roll:

& who was the MVP in the Grey Cup? :wink:

They lost every time a RB did not touch the ball more than 15 times!