Durant the Wuss

So Saskatchewan fans should be cheering for Hamilton today then, to end the playoff hopes before this game even starts. Playing Durant is insane.

@depopulationINC - if you'd like to make this personal perhaps PM's are a better medium. I don't apologize one iota for stating that several posts on both topics I've commented on have been made by ill informed participants. I have an opinion and am also entitled to it. So.... perhaps read more and comment less?

I will state such things any time you comment:

You are grouping all posters into one clump and bashing them/us with public comments like this...so no, I will not PM in response...you already chose to make this personal in the open forum. You want to attack people, grow thick skin and learn to take it back. I have no issues with opinions...whether I agree or not...but don't call us all senseless because you don't like/agree with some comments...you only come out an arse.

As far as my posting frequency, well, I will post as much as I like, and ~3.4 posts a day average is not exactly flooding to board. If you choose to post under once per day average...so be it...I don't care how much you post. Others, on the other hand, choose to post more frequently and want to see the board active and growing....and...erm...regular activity on a board draws people in more the irregular activity

You are grouping all posters into one clump and bashing them/us with public comments like this...
Why on earth would you assume replies are directed at you? Talk about an ego. My comments are comments, and directed at some posters, no more no less. Talk about being thinck skinned. Look in the mirror. Last comment from me regarding this thread and previous comments. Take a break and chill out, please.

Look krog, just the two comments you made that are quoted by depop don't exactly ooze respect for others. I'd suggest you tone down the superiority complex and things will go more smoothly. I've seen all sorts start out here with this kind of "my thinking is better than your thinking" stuff. Most don't last long but there are some success stories; for example, cflisthebest was royalty when it came to "knowing it all" but, while it still eeks out on occasion, he has toned it down and is now a valuable and - dare I say - welcome, contributor to the cfl.ca boards. Just an observation that might make it more pleasant for everyone.

Thanks legal.

Krogl....why wouldn't I take it as addressed to everyone? You may not have meant it towards everyone, but you DID address it towards everyone...read my quote...it is right there jumping out at you. Then you basically tell me I should post less and read what others have to say....I post BECAUSE I read what others have to say. So, if you were not attacking.g me/all the first time around you clearly were the second.

Also, I am sure some on here have noticed that I often stand up and say something when I feel somebody is being attacked. Not the first time I have and won't be the last. I have done so here and on the main board. I do so irl and I do so online. Nobody should be attacked/insulted like that. Rider nation is better than that.