Durant the Wuss

Durant should have and Could easily have played in this game today.

one of the BIGGEST games of the season, potentially being eliminated from Western Playoffs and he can't play?????

give me a break. he was able to warm up and take reps and move, yet he can't play... I just can't fathom it.

I have lost a lot of respect for Darian... should have been playing and suck it up with the little foot injury.

he's the only guy I can think of that wouldn't play in such a HUGE game for his team.. when he's able to take reps and warm up.

Eat a can of stfu.

You can say what you want in the heat of a tough loss, but the man does not know the meaning of the word quit. Sober up and recant if you want, I won't think any less of you.

Seriously? Do you really think he is the one to decide? Man, you are hopeless. Go cheer for your Eskimos.

this is one of the weakest statements I have ever heard. Totally illogical.

Look at him...he can't plant. He showed heart trying to come in and step up.

ok I take back what I said.

this team as a whole needs serious help. including coaches

It's ok man. Sometimes you just gotta vent. It's also easier to watch these guys if you get a little buzz going before the game. HAve a couple beer's. Then when they play like crap you actually laugh and enjoy yourself. lol

I found that a nice nap thru the first three quarters works for me. Then I woke up to see our "veteran" O-line getting beat by 3 or 4 Edmonton pass rushers while the rest of their D was dropping. There's 2 tackles and a guard that may as well sit the rest of the season and let's see what our young guys can do.

Ya you see that's where I laughed so hard, beer came out my nose. Then my 5 yr old asked "dad....why does saskatchewan only have one?" then i laughed so hard again I peed a little.

Durant played on a broken foot. He had no business even being dressed for this game. Durant took a lick on just about every play he was on the field. Goodspeed couldn't block the wind this game let alone a Eskimo. He was being beat all night long.

All I know is that Edmonton, Calgary, and BC had to renew their O-lines in places, and they had some growing pains, but all of them have improved while we have been "standing pat". Check the difference.

Dear thecflisbest. I'll remember to discredit your posts whenever I read them in the future. The guy could barely move, then after the game we all find out he's got a broken foot! You would earn my respect if you maybe could have pointed out the obvious..........maybe Dinwiddie should be canned because if he could have been halfway effective DD would never have been put in such a bad position, being forced to play.

With 4 games left, Dinwiddie can hold a clipboard and collect 4 more cheques, his last 4 cheques. Let Cole start every game. I assume DD is going to have to hit the 9 game IR.

How about Goodspeed and Gauthier..........that is one off-season move that has proven bad. Spend alot of money on our tackles and allow our QB's time? Great in theory but these 2 guys are matadors..............oh leh. Go young!

Defense was pretty solid. I liked the aggression.

Andy ain't going anywhere now...........2 drops. Getzlaf dropped an easy one. Hughes dropped one. That is the story of the season.

Man Durant’s a wuss

This 2011 Roughrider season, The Season That Wasn't, continues to get crazier and crazier by the day. As the Riders got back to practice on Wednesday, on the heels of three straight lopsided losses, quarterback Darian Durant was participating in full pads despite a broken foot. We're going to hear from Durant and coach Ken Miller in a moment but it makes absolutely no sense to me. If the foot is broken, why aren't they shutting him down for the season? HE'S THE FRANCHISE! Are the Pittsburgh Penguins playing Sidney Crosby? I get that there's still a slim chance of making the playoffs, but it should be up to Ryan Dinwiddie, Cole Bergquist and the other offensive players to get it done on that side of the ball. Not Durant. But no, in my opinion, Durant is out there because of the idiots who are calling him "soft" after it was discovered he has a lower leg injury and didn't start against Edmonton. That's the only explanation I can come up with, and it was made in consultation with people close to Durant. The decision to shut him down with this broken foot should be made for Darian, and not be put in his hands.

“Well we still have a sliver of hope,” Durant maintained after Wednesday’s workout. “You don’t get seasons back and you want to leave your mark on each and every season you get. We still have a chance at the playoffs and as long as we have a chance I’ll be out there. We want to get the most out of this season that we can.”

There’s a risk Durant will need surgery if he injures the foot more severely.

“There’s always a slight possibility of something going wrong but to answer your question why, it’s because you never get a season back,” Durant answer. “The older you get, the more people write you off so when you have a chance to make the most of a season, you do that. I don’t want to have any regrets and say ‘I wish I’d played’.”

Coach Ken Miller said the plan is to go ahead with Durant as long as they’re still in the running and perhaps beyond.

“I think it’s a good decision,” Miller said Wednesday. “Risk is very low. It’s not zero but it’s very low. The fracture that you’re talking about is something that won’t show up on an x-ray. You have to study it with greater clarity than an x-ray will provide. There’s very little chance of displacement or further injury. With the swelling gone and his comfort level being tolerable, he’s good to go.”

The magic/tragic number for Hamilton to clinch an eastern playoff berth and eliminate the Riders is one and they visit Montreal on Sunday just before the Riders take the field against BC. Miller was asked if Hamilton wins, will they sit Durant?

“We’re gonna play to win,” Miller said. “We’re gonna play to win every game. It doesn’t matter to me if Hamilton wins or if Calgary loses. Those things we don’t control. We’re going to play every game to win.”

He's definitely not a wuss, but I'm starting to wonder if he's a fool. :expressionless:

This season is over. Don't injure the damn foot more in a hopeless cause. Go get healed up and ready for next year. He's going to get slaughtered playing the rest of the year given how much more limited his mobility is and the weak pass protection, which will make the injury worse.

Miller needs to act like a coach thinking about the team rather then uncle Ken here. Bench DD for the good of the team.

I think Darian needs to play for himself as much as the team. He needs to renew his confidence in his own abilities and those of his receivers. If the Docs say there is mininal risk of further damage - play on. I also think that no matter how far we are out of the playoff picture it is extremely important that the team wins the remaining games of the season. By doing so they will have proven to themselves and the fans that they can still win football games and are not just a bunch of sad sack losers which they have looked like lately.

He's immobile, we saw that in the last game. How is he going to boost his confidence sitting in the pocket and getting plastered due to poor pass protection and an injury hobbling his ability to run?

All he's going to do is get sacked six times and possibly get injured more.

Wow, there really are some uneducated folks on this forum. Can you spell BROKEN?

this was stated by basically everyone. Even the original poster retracted his words.

Stop bashing on this board. in other words STFU. This is 3 straight posts of you trashing and trying to stir shite up. are you attempting to be banned?

Where’s the discouraging-shaking-head emoticon when you need it??

And today on the radio they reported that Durant is going to start against the Lions on Sunday.


The season is OVER! The foot is BROKEN! He can barely push off to throw. He's half the QB he normally is anyways. Don't risk wrecking his foot and needing a surgery that could have him on crutches for 4-6 months.


This year is a train wreck. Don't fuck up next year too. Put the damn foot on the 9 game ffs!

they have been reporting this all week. Miller says that while there is a mathematical possability they will be giving 100% to each game, which means playing DD, and while he knew it was a long shot the team would not alter their approach until they were officially out. I can appreciate the attitude, but do not agree with it.

as for the 9 game, that has already been used, so there is no financial / cap benifit...why bother.