Durant should start

I would like Durant to start next game, just to see what happens if he plays crappy then go back to Bishop.

If he plays good stick with him.

What do you guys think?

I say Bish gets one more chance. Only for the fact that I don't want Durant to get crushed 2 weeks in a row. We don't have the personnel right now to deal with Calgary.

What I do think needs to happen is Durant needs to get first team reps to be really effective and they need to call the offense around him not have him try and work the offense. Any more of this tossing the ball up for grabs because he is getting pressured and I would yank him immediately.

I believe that Calgary can be beat with the deap ball. I vote for Bishop. He always starts a bit slow though, except in the game he was junked early in the 1st quarter. I think that if he starts slow he could get pulled eary though and put in Durant. If Durant doesn't do anything early, out Bishop back in. Some Qb's actually play better by watching from the sidelines for a while. Maybe Bishop is one of them. It did work very well with the Barnagel tandum.

I agree with redstallion on this one. Correct me if Im wrong but wasn't Dressler out the last game we played against smellgary? We have our deep threat for this game, so if Cates is healthy enough to play this game Calgary won't just be able to stack the line like they did the last game we played against them.

If he plays crappy put Jyles in :lol:

I want Bishop to start. I think it was a mistake pulling him from the BC game.

Bishop is going to start. I don't really like him but the decision is made so I'm hoping to see the brilliant Bishop this time, instead of the bonehead.

[b]I also feeel it was a mistake pulling him from the BC game. It was only the first quarter.

I think Miller is taking this complicated Roughrider situation and playing it very safe. He is showing Bishop that he must perform immediatly or he will be replaced. Miller and the Riders do have time to experiment, despite being late in the season.

I say give Bishop at the very least the 1st half, If The BISH doesn't perform well in this one, The BISH has lost his starting role, IMO.

Keep in mind that ALL SEASON LONG there are new players joining every week, or old players in new positions. The Riders rhythm as of late has been off. I truly believe that the injuries themselves may not be the problem, but the constant changes in the roster is effecting the flow of our play and playmaking. [/b]

I think too many players getting thrown under the bus too soon is going to end up being a problem for the coaching staff of the Riders. How do the players have the ability to trust the coaches. Thats a very big deal. I agree, its hard to get any consistancy and any real flow going with all the roster changes this year. Im pretty proud of the way this team has performed this year, considering all the changes/injuries.

So what are you saying?

Play bishop till the end of the season?

Just wondering . . .

No, thats not what Im saying, Im saying play the best QB. Im not sure Durant is that, im not sure Bishop is that. Just play the best one.