Durant returning to Saskatchewan

Roughriders GM Eric Tillman tells CTV that quarterback Darian Durant has verbally agreed to a deal with the team. The Riders expect Durant to sign sometime in the new year.

"We really wanted Darian back. Our guys have tremendous confidence in him," Tillman said. "You know, he's a bright guy, a natural leader and I think every player in the locker room believes we can win with him...we're happy to have him back."

Durant started four games during the 2008 season, throwing for seven touchdowns and rushing for one. Saskatchewan also has Steven Jyles, Dalton Bell and Drew Tate on its roster as quarterbacks.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=260223&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_cfl]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=260223& ... pStory_cfl[/url]

So does this mean the Riders have sorted out their QB issues...? :expressionless:

If I was Tillman, I wouldn't have said anything. There have been to many cases of players verbally agreeing and then walking away.

But in answer to the question has Sask sorted out its quarterback situation. The answer is resounding no. The only thing they have done is indicated they would not be going after any veteran quarterbacks. Miller has said they would stick with the young guys they. Given the lack of experience at qb, I don't expect the riders to dominate next year.

It is interesting that Tillman doesn't even mention papercut Tate in the article. In 2007 it was papercut this papercut that and they had to move papercut from practice roster to injury list so some team wouldn't claim papercut. Now it seems to be lost in the world of "almost was".

Durant's best shot at getting the #1 pivot spot is right here in Sask. SO i'm sure Durant was the keen one on this signing.

When Durant signs, he should be considered #1 on the depth chart. He is our future as of right now, unless someone, such as "papercut" Tate come out and prove they are ready to QB in this league. I would not be surprised to see around 5 to 6 QBs at when training camp starts. The fact is that the Riders and Rider fans will have to endure some short term pain for longer term gain. There was a thread on the Rider section of the site of the 6-0 start being a negative, but looking back to the 2007 championship year, and the 2006 season, it also had a negative-- of not properly developing a young QB. We are now seeing the results of that failure.

Yes, Durant should be #1 going into camp.

Agreed,there will be a sizable # of wanna be Rider QB's at camp.

Ouch, kinda harsh on "papercut" Tate aren't we???? Poor boy Tate has had a trashed shoulder since collage days . I gotta give the kid some credit, he's managed to take advantage of the RIders system for two years , always on the verge of breaking out but never quite getting there.

The big question is, Will Miller panic again WHEN our starting QB struggles,will he then subject us to another host of revolving pivots who can never establish rhythm befor given the hook...........I say there will be NO MORE PANIC from Miller, the old dog at 63 has learned a valuable lesson from last years fiasco at QB...

Merry Christmas all.......

deflated....calling papercut...papercut is being kind. Yes, I agree he has taken advantage of the situation and that is good for him.....i truly hope his days are numbered...according to Eric and others it wasn't papercuts shoulder in 2007 it was other teams and the excuse for the 9 games was knee I believe. But it is really sad if it is truly a shoulder problem and they knew about in 2007. Because he came into camp and by 2nd or 3rd day couldn't throw....so if he had a bum shoulder last year and 6 months off didn't help then they should have dumped in training camp.

Drew Tate stinks, at 90% of the practices I attended he looked horrible even running the scout offence and looked uninterested. My Prediction is Durant starts as number one and our recently signed Dalton Bell (Last season we signed him, he was part of the DJ Flick, Wayne Smith trade as we acquired his negotiation rights) will take over. Tillman is very high on Bell and even went as far as hinting he was our near future (cant remember whether I read this on Riderville or in the paper sorry).

FunnySambo I thought no one gets appointed the number 1 job. I thought in Saskatchewan it needs to be earned. Just wondering.

I'm sure most fans of all the teams would rather see someone earn a spot then to be 'annointed'. If a player insists on being 'annointed' who needs him. Shows a selfish me-me attitude.

Durant showed that when Bishop came in but I think the riders will do fine with Durant. Needs playing time thats all.

Go suck a lemon Mike. You wanted Durant to play all year. But if Durant signs you will complain. If Durant doesnt sign you will complain. For 2 years nothing has changed. You complain about everything. Nothing is good. Hopson. Hiring Tillman. Hiring Austin. Hiring Miller. After 2 home playoff games you only do this. Look silly when you keep complaining about EVERYTHING.

So just ignore him...

Interesting, 05, I said considered #1 on the depth chart, I didn’t say he should be anointed as the starter. Maybe you should make a New Year’s resolution-- as mike puts it-- “to read and comprehend”. He will be #1 on the depth chart, but that doesnt mean he doesn’t have to earn the starter’s job.

What's with the personal attack on Mike. Is he not entitled to his opinion. Frankly Austin Powers your act is getting old. I enjoy Mikes honesty when applying his opinion on his own team. Does not mean he is any less of a fan of the riders. Just because his view point is different then yours does not allow you to attack him. Calm down and voice your opinion on the subject other then making it personal each time. You have lots to add there powers just do not make this a personal thing. By the way Mike your assessment is fair. It may take time for the changes to turn positive for the team. But right now Durant is the only thing going for the riders at QB at this time.

Considered number 1 to me is annointing him number one Sambo. No matter how you look at it that is where you were going nice try. The number one reason Durant signed is there is no one to compete with him for the number one job. If you ask Durant he will tell he is the number one QB for the riders I would bet.

So much for learning to read and comprehend... :roll:

Durant will be #1 on the depth chart going into training camp. There is NO garauntee that he will be there once training camp is over, and that is true for ANY QB in this league. If anyone thinks that they can just coast to a starter's job is kidding himself. I guess that why Henry choked all those years-- he was the starter wether he won the big games or not....

every team at every position has somebody ranked number one on the depth chart. If those teams thought as you do, no surprises would ever occur in training camp, and really, why bother with exhibition season. Just straight to the regular season, go with whomever you had listed as number one as obviously, no player has ever failed to maintain that position. Status quo all the way. Durant is number one heading to camp. But annointed? Not the case. He will compete for the right to start. Unlike sucky baby Hank, who faced with a similar situation a few years ago couldn't stand the thought of competing for his job so he left town....
Interesting the reaction you see from Durant, who "will tell he the number one QB", versus Burris, who couldn't tell enough people he was not in 2005... character tells....

Seems to me you are annointing him as number one! Notyhing more to say there Sambo. Try sweeping it under the carpet but that is what you are stating. And Arius you can have those dreams of Burris in a green jersey but it will never happen again I assure you. So hug your life size poster of smiling Hank once again.

Calgary is a good place to die, 05, so Hank can stay there for ever as far as I am concerned.
As for Sambo "anointing" anyone, gee golly whiz. He has anointed someone as number one on the depth chart. Oh...wait...he already was that. Stating a simple fact has you doing cartwheels. What Sambo and others are telling you is, being number one on the depth chart heading towards training camp in no way guarantees him the starting job. He is not being "anointed" as starter. That he will earn. Or not. Pretty simple concept when you think about it.

Anyway, got to run now. By the time I have a couple for Sambo, I'll be running short on time for myself.....
You want me to have a few for you 05?