Durant retires

Nice shout out by doubles.

At the same time...he took a pretty big signing bonus from the Bombers and was a no show to minicamp...being a no show he made his mind up on this a bit back. You don't take a big bonus then retire without returning it. Price did the same thing and retired and that was BS. Brouillette returned his (and eventually came back anyways). This happens a month ago with no cap hit and Muamba is a Bomber. I know players are often cut right before bonuses...but this is just different.

Yes read the comments earlier and thought it was odd.
Not sure what his thinking is ???

This was Durant’s take on the bonusvia @rodpedersen
“On taking the $70K bonus from the #Bombers. "I deserve it." - Darian Durant?

What is the difference between a team cutting a player just before his bonus is due and a player who retires just after receiving his bonus ?

IMO a signing bonus and a roster bonus are not really comparable.
Signing bonus = yeah, I am in for the season
Roster / offsreason bonus = yeah, if you are still around here is some cash

Not really the same thing. Now if a team signed a FA and said "no signing bonus, but we will give you one May 10th" and then cut them on the 9th...yeah, that is BS. This is sounding more and more like he knew going in he was doing this as well.....pretty rarely that is the team's premeditated intent a couple seasons in advance.

What exactly did Darian do for the Bombers to deserve the $70K? Did I miss something?

Signing bonuses are a promise to show up. He didn't show up.

Thanks for all the good memories Doubles and good luck in the next phase of your life.

IMHO - he honored the 'signing bonus', he 'signed' the contract Winnipeg offered. I am sure he had other offers.

It's on Winnipeg's GM to make sure the contract is worded properly to protect the team. I keep hearing it's a business. Well Durant looked after business - what's best for his family. Now his only business is his family.

It's just too bad this happened to Winnipeg. NOT !

How did he honor it? Have you ever read the standard contract? I mean I know it is tweeked here and there but the wording is essentially the same for all contracts...what is added is bonus money and key dates and such, but the legal pretense is still what it is in the standard contract, and the first 2 or 3 points...yeah, not really going to be altering that


1. The term of this Contract shall be from the date of execution hereof until the 15thday of February following the close of the football season commencing in 20____, subject however to the right of prior termination as specified herein.
  1. The Player agrees that during the term of this Contract he will play football and will engage in activities related to football only for the Club and will play for the Club in two Pre-Season games, and eighteen (18) regular season games and Canadian Football League playoff games and any other game approved by the Canadian Football League Players’ Association; and the Club, subject to the provisions hereof, agrees during such period to employ the Player as a skilled football Player. The Player agrees during the term of this Contract to report promptly for the Club’s training sessions and at the Club’s directions to participate in all practice sessions.

aka "once you sign this we will give you 70 grand now, and you agree to play for us in 2018."

A signing bonus is not provided for his autograph...it is black and white that it is to play the coming season.

I know that many say "well teams cut before the off-season bonus all the time." And?
1 - What is the difference between cutting a player with a bonus and not? Cut is cut and the bonus is for the upcoming season...not the previous season.
2 - If they don't like the timing of the potential release right before the bonus...here is a theory...negotiate a better date. Look at Muamba....He had one in mid January and another a couple days after free agency. Negotiate the payment for January and they if you are "fired" you have a head start on landing a job. If they wait until after the bonus then you can take a little less to land a deal faster thus appealing to a team and you are not out cash.
3 - It is permitted in the contract. People may not like this, but it is what it is. If players want to have those contracts or a portion of them honored come x date then they should lobby for it with the PA. I am sure that a whole bunch of players will be high on taking a pay cut to account for backed contracts.

Pretty black and white that he didn't honor his contract...just as it was with Price a couple years back. It is not like anyone is going to accept a contract where Durant / his agent write in clause where he gets that bonus even if he doesn't honor point number 2. By the way both the Bombers and Durant have been in the media on this it is clearly not the case, and I am not even sure the league would accept something like that.

How long before he is inducted to the Plaza of Honour?

likely a year or 2...perhaps alongside Joseph, Getz or Fantuz.

Hell of a career from Durant, I am hoping this 70k Roster bonus debacle soon passes over and we remember him for taking the Riders team and brand to new heights. Let's not forget where we were in 2008 post-Joseph when we had a revolving door at Quarterback with Crandell, Bishop, Jyles and Durant. Just imagine if in 2009 we gave the keys to the franchise to Jyles or Bishop :-X Durant wasn't your prototypical "Ricky Ray/AC" QB and he sure wasn't the perfect QB struggling with Interceptions most seasons. But man do I shudder to think what this last decade may have been had he not taken over the helm in 2009 and never looked back.

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