Durant out?

I hadn't realized he had injured the pinky on his throwing hand

Unless it's broken I don't see him sitting out.

It may explain why his passing has been so bad of late!! He has not been all that crisp!!

I think it only happened in about the last 3 or 4 mins of the game so it doesn’t account for the rest of the game :roll: . He was going to let Willy take the next series, but the play was delayed so long, he got it taped up and threw for a few minutes and thought he was good.

Yeah, and since has said he is pretty concerned about it. This is the same guy who shrugged off a broken foot...for himto say this is probably not a great sign.

I just read somewhere that it may have happened somewhere in 2nd Quarter.

It happened before halftime, if I recall correctly. I do remember the announcers making mention of it.