Durant out for the season - requires surgery (torn tendon)

[b]CFL News @CFL_News .@dariandurant - "I'm scheduled for surgery later on this week and will likely miss the remainder of the regular season." #CFL #Riders

[i]The Saskatchewan Roughriders have announced international quarterback Darian Durant suffered a significant arm injury during Sunday's game in Winnipeg.

Durant, who was injured in the third quarter, travelled back to Regina with the team following the game where he received thorough medical assessment. Tests have revealed Durant suffered a torn tendon in his right elbow that will require surgery.[/i][/b]


Devastating news for my Riders. Get healed soon Darian. You have led us so well these past few years.
Wow-with Darian and travis lulay down two of the best gone.

All the best to Durant. That really changes things up though for the Riders though and how the season will wind up.

This is terrible news for the whole league, not just the Riders. So awful to see good QB after good QB going down with serious injuries. And I've always liked Durant. He really comes across as a genuine, ordinary guy, humble but honest in what he says and how he sees the game. Hopefully he can come back at some point this season (unlikely, I know).

On another note: if Calgary doesn't at least make it to the Grey Cup game this year, given the door that's just been opened a mile wide for them, they will have earned the title of perennial chokers.

Well, a bad season gets even worse... Why couldn't Burris have gotten hurt instead. The Bombers should make the playoffs now atleast

There goes the Rider's season.

There was a noticeable difference between Durant taking snaps and Sunseri on Sunday.

Sunseri is expected to lead the Riders through the playoffs as well...

[b]“I assure u I will be 100% ready for the 2015 season. I will be right by Tino’s side as we continue our journey to the 2014 Grey Cup. I have faith he will get the job done.?[/b]

For the moment, Sunseri looks to be very capable and should be able to step up and get the job done. Not sure what they have to back him up though. They have Seth Doege listed as their #3 guy but he has yet to throw a pass in pro football. Could there be a spot for Kerry Joseph in the near future?

I disagree, while you never like to see the stars go down with an injury in terms of marketing the league as such, injuries give other people a chance to play and learn the game and in the end, the league has more talented players. All depends on the perspective you want to take on this.

And as peg_city says, obnoxious just got knocked down a peg. No pun intended. :wink:

It's great news for the rest of the league. The most obnoxious fan base just got humbled.

Not sure what your disagreeing with.

Are you serious? You think that a QB suffering a season-ending injury is great news for the rest of the league, just because a few Rider fans are obnoxious? :thdn:

And you might want to wait and see how Sunseri performs before you start talking about SSK fans being “humbled.” Give him a full week’s first-team reps and 100% of Cortez’s attention and he may surprise people. It also helps that the Riders have a multi-dimensional ground game that should ease the pressure on a rookie QB.

Durant has a 87 QB rating this year. How's the backup going to do?

Not sure what Durant's QB rating has to do with how Sunseri will perform. The Riders are winning football games, and really, that's all that matters.

The irony of this statement made me laugh!

Anyway, I wont claim that the sky is falling just yet. As injuries to starters have led to the discovery of some great new talents (Buck Pierce - injuries aside, Travis Lulay, Henry Burris and lets not forget the biggest off the bench star in recent memory – Jeff Garcia). Those guys all made their mark coming on in relief. I think if the Riders’ coaches simplify the passing game and let the receivers do their thing, and (more importantly) ride the stable of stallions in the backfield like they have this year, the drop-off can be minimized and Sunseri can have some success.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see them air-lift a back-up in though……

I agree, it will take more than this to humble Rider fans, they still lead the league in clothing sales. As for being great news for the rest of the league, players getting injured is not great news to anybody!

As I posted earlier, Sunseri hasn't looked bad, sometimes a player just needs a chance and he has that chance, don't be surprised if he makes the most of it. As a fan, I am more interested in who the bring in to fill a huge void at backup to Sunseri.

Through the playoffs?
The way the west is going this year an injury to a QB and they may not make the playoffs.

and the title of most obnoxious fan in the league goes to....... what a disgusting comment.. Great news for the league a player.. any player.... gets injured....unreal..

What do expect from a Winnipeger. They go on and on about Durants poor Q.B. ranking yet who have the Riders just toyed with 3 of the last 5 games even with that ranking. On top of all this, how was that not a penalty. The play was whistled dead before the snap. Everyone in the bar I was watching at heard the whistleS loud and clear yet this happens. Now all of a sudden because a player doesn't here the whistle all hell can break loose. I hope the rest of the league uses that excuse next time Willy gets a late hit. Oh so sorry. I never heard the whistle. disgusting the way they bood him off the field as well. Total Classless in the LOSERpeg. Enjoy another November off Bomber players. That is the biggest draw on signing with that organization. Extra month holidays every year.

Yup... i heard the whistle too... and so did my husband.. (who is an Eskimo fan)