Durant named Western All-Star QB!

Well, look at that :slight_smile:


where are you, ya bum???

He hasn't been around for quite awhile. My guess is, he has been "terminated" and "won't be back".

Atta boy Darian!!
hell of a year.....

Really no other choice, a rookie QB who has shown a lot of poise and composure, he is sure to get better and I suspect he will be a star in this league for a long time. That being said he brought it this year, who else would you rather have with the game on the line in the last 2 minutes.

He wont return until Durant loses one, I guess we wont see him until next season :slight_smile: Congrats to Durant he's had a hell of a great season and improving, lets see how the Playoff pressure does on him

Congrats to all who were named all-stars. for everyone else, your reward comes in two weeks in Calgary.

nice job DD your a leader and I hope you remain here as long as you like
first full yr. as the starter you have pulled the rug from beneath the nay say bums great job man
4000 plus yrds puts you in a very elite group which have achieved this in rider history and to be named W-A-S QB in which there can't be many 1st year starters in this catagory in cfl history either
great job darian pls.lead our team to the big show and if the O line holds up we all know you will shine
go big green :smiley: :smiley:

In adding to DD's congrats, I think one should derservingly go out to Miller, it was he who had the faith when hardly anyone else would. He stuck to his guns in the bad days with DD, wouldn't listen to anyone except himself, and it paid off. Darian is on his way, and Miller should be considered Coach of the Year as a result.

Congratulations to all Riders on the All-Star list. Shame Andy Fantuz didn't make it - but I guess being out for 5 games due to injury didn't help. I wonder if Hank will be complaining about still not getting any respect with Durant being chosen?