Durant=MVP? Glen Suitor you're off your rocker

How can you call Durant an MVP with that pitiful performance? 8 points, no touchdowns and two MORE pics for the first 57 minutes of the game, Wow,Suitor, I guess the CFL is hurtin if that is your idea of an MVP. Oh and there is that little thing about his stats now against the top 4 teams in the league, they were bad before but now throw in two more pics, 1 TD and another loss, that would be 3-6 in these games. Again Suitor, hurtin CFL talent if that is MVP caliber.

I can't believe I am typing this. I agree with Terminator. Suitor is "Off His Rocker"

Durant may one day be an MVP but it's not going to be this season.

Terminator came back? wow :open_mouth:

That was a pretty ridiculous comment. I like Durant and think he will continue to get better but definitely not an MVP candidate this year.

Maybe he meant Durant is the Riders MVP? That could make a bit more sense, but MOP he most def is not! YET!

Actually, that's what I thought he meant, a possibility for the Rider's nominee for the MOP. It is within the realm of possibility so the statement is not as bizarre as it might have sounded, but I think Weston D had a pretty big edge for our nominee for that award right now. Things could change though.

Dressler has not an MOP year , IMO. I would think that the two front runners would have to be Baggs or Chick, and it would be hard to choose between the two of them right now.

I doubt Suitor said that comment if he did it would be MVP for the Riders, there are still a few games left and if they play well and Durant plays well and they win most of their remaining games then for sure he will get a nod for MVP for the team why wouldn't he?

If I'm remembering correctly he said that right after DD drove down the field for the TD to tie the game.
If DD had come back one more drive for the win, and keeps up the good work through the remainder of the season, then I could see his point. The only stat that means anything is the "W" and to have a rookie QB pulling out those kinds of "W"'s ... well I hope you see my point.

It didn't happen, no big deal. I'm sure Suitor realizes he was just saying that in the heat of the game.

Once again if we could put a W there & have a strong finish then I could see his point. As it is it don't look so smart right now.

Suits was on the Drew Remenda show a couple of hours ago and he claims to have merely been repeating what some coaches around the league have been telling him. If the Riders go 4-1 down the stretch and DD is a big part of the reason why, he could be the West MOP. There isn't really a front runner this year, so a good finish by anyone, particularly a QB, could garner some attention.