Durant & Lulay In 2016

Everyone seems to assume that Durant will return to the Riders next year and all will be fine again....at least at QB.

It may be my sceptical nature but I have in the past predicted Lulay's performance since his 2 season/ 2 serious injury layoff and I will carry on to say I expect his retirement early next year.

I would go out on a limb and suggest the same for Durant. A 2 yr layoff at their ages with the resulting loss of confidence means pack it in as a player. On the bright side Durant would be a great QB or Offensive coach just like he was a great player and leader on the field.

Hope I am wrong about DD but I am virtually certain we've seen the last of Lulay!

I just don't think so, lulay has concusion problems, I think Durant will come around, as long as he takes all the time he needs, these injuries sometimes take a full year or more to heal properly . of course by then we could have a capable replacement, ?????

Lulay had a repetitive injury.
DD had a freak injury last year that would most likely happen to anyone in that situation. There is strong speculation that his injury this season was in part an issue from putting most of his rehab into his arm and putting very little focus on the rest of his body. His normal routine was grossly cut down to concentrate on his arm.
Rust goes away. Don't be shocked if he has nominal participation early in camp, and might not play full games the first few weeks.

that wouldn't surprise me at all, he needs to ease his way back. it's been a long time and he's 2 years older but I have total confidence that he will come back.

Well...with solid rehab and all going well, normal recovery to full action is about a year...DD seems to be slightly ahead of the curve...not shocking for him. if it slows down he may not see full on action until half way through the season...but everything I have seen says he will be basically ready on or ahead of schedule.

I'm not terribly worried about him being physically ready at or near the beginning of the season but it could be the mental side that could be a factor. Lets face it having two season ending injuries back to back is going to be in his mind. It would not be human not to have it there nagging at you and that can be as damaging or even more as an athlete if its not kept in perspective. I mean everyone that plays a physically violent game like football or hockey knows that it can happen on any given day the trick is not to allow that to stop you from going out and doing it.

Not to be mean but Durant's mind can be sometimes his own worse enemy in the past but he seemed to exercise that demon when he won the Cup. I think he may face some of the same challenges once again. I hope he is seeing a sports head doctor to help him deal with the issues. To me he has to not only show that physically he is good to go but also mentally. Lets face it, all eyes will be on him and expecting him to be the leader of the team. That in itself can be a big burden to bear but you add the injuries to the pile it could be a bit overwhelming. I just hope he is prepared on all levels to deal with it.

He sees one of the team docs to get his mind right. His head is in a pile of a better place than mine would be here and now from the bit we've chatted

Who knows. The Achilles injury could cause long term mobility/strength issues............hope not.

The other side of this is Durant's body has not been hit for 14 months. Come training camp make it 21 months. That could be of huge benefit just from a proper recovery standpoint. He's missed 25-26 games..........how many hits has he not taken.

I hope I am right on this because our backups aren't ready yet. Brett is in non-improvement mode and gets happy feet. He needs to progress and get passes thrown. Price needs meaningful time and maybe gets a whole game in Montreal.............you can't play 2 QB's at once...........while one plays the other can't. Just like goalies.

Rob Bagg had 2 years off and came back strong.

Durant came back from elbow surgery after being off after 10 months and looked f'ing dynamite! Will he do it again, not certain of course but I'm very confident. If there is a problem it would have to be trouble with the recovery/rehab, NOT the layoff.

Lulay had a recurring injury. He's hurt that same throwing shoulder many times and came back before it healed properly. Then on top of that he changed his throwing mechanics.

Durant's arm is fine. We saw that in Week 1. Will the heel slow down his mobility? Maybe, but like no other QB out there, his evasiveness in the pocket is due more to upper body strength.

Unless he drops a dumbbell on his ankle during rehab he should be good to go.