Durant likely to start, Crandell not ready

As per text message from TSN.

Reports out of practice also have Durant taking 85% of the reps.


yup, according to reports, Miller announced this after practice today.


well that puts that rumour to rest finally.

Miller just said in an interview that Durant will start this week.


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Miller said earlier in the week that unless he was 100% healthy with no risk of aggravating the injury that he would not start. Clearly Crandell was not 100% but they couldn't confirm that until they had gone through a couple of practices.

It makes sense though, I figured this would happen. Durant is doing good and why not let Crandell heal up properly? If it isn't broke, don't fix it. If Durant struggles, Crandell will be ready to step in, but if he does well, then Crandell gets another week to heal properly. We are going to need him, we don't want to be the team struggling around game 15 like we were in the Vietnam war or something.

Good move.

Crandell said in practice that he felt good, what happened?

Maybe a good move. Crandell can back up Darian if thats required. Less possibility for him to reinjury his hammy that way.

Glad the team isn’t upsetting the chemistry. Let Marcus heal 100%. We’ll need him healthy in November, more than now!

MC did say it felt good but maybe after running it a couple days it started to tighten up again. Miller has already said he will get the start when he is ready now he can rest and come back at 100%.

In the leader post today MC said it felt good but still wasn't 100 percent so i'm assumin thats all Miller needed to give the kid the start again

Should be interesting, if DD carries the team to a w again what then??? Seriously I know their philosophy is that a starter can't lost their spot to an injury but how do you give that job away when DD wins 4 games in a row? I don't think it will but I have just had enough quarterback controversy from the Riders to fill a lifetime already and I don't feel like going through that again. Hopefully everyone is happy with winning.

We were in the Vietnam war? I thought americans came to canada and were labeled 'draft dodgers'... hmm, i could be wrong i mean history books ar only so accurate.

Durant has been great thus far, and is Marcus doesn't feel like he'll be able to give his 110% due to tight-ness or whatever. Fine, i'll take his health later on in the season when his veteran leadership is much more needed.