Durant is toast !

Tough break for Durant , Achilles is a year ending injury . Although Glenn is a better passer than Durant and the Riders won't miss a beat .

That's debatable. But both are serviceable QBs. Sucks that Durant's out again.

First week of the season and we are down three starters already. Hopefully not a sign of things to come.

That looked like an Achilles injury, tough break for Durant for sure but I think Glenn will do better than Tino did last season.

Oh please.... this is not the first time DD wore the boot. I bet a strain at most. As someone that has ripped his achilles I can attest that he would not be flexing it as he did if it was torn. The boot is a precautionary measure until he has a MRI.

I don't think Kevin Glenn is near as good as Durant, but he's certainly capable of leading an offense.

It is confirmed that Durant is done for the season. This caps off a very wacky first week in the CFL.

Wow. What a blow. I imagine the Riders will be fine with Glenn. But it's a blow to Durant. Another season cut short. Rehab it, man! :thup:

A tad harsh on the title but yes its confirmed that he is out for the season. Slack is a good enough replacement for this season but the time has come for the Riders to get serious about planning for the Riders post Durant. I hope he comes back but with back to back seasons lost due to injury one needs to plan as if he is done - and consider it good furtune if he returns healthy next season

Team has confirmed it. All over the radio. And you were saying? Two games and Winnipeg knocks him out in both. Gee will be a fun year to watch CFL.

Totally agree. 33 now, 34 next year. We don't want to do what the Als did with Calvillo.

Ya, got the news before the media did. Sucks but at least we are far more healthier than last year at QB. That being said, I picture Sunseri on a plane right now.

bad leg and bad arm = showing the scars of many battles and age. I really hope he comes back but we need to face facts - He will be a 34 year old that has had 2 serious injuries and basically been out of football for 2 years by the time he returns. In the first he looked out of place and his spirals were very wobbly. Just prior to the injury he was getting into the groove and his passes were much sharper. I wish him well in his recovery and hope to see him in green again but like I said - its time for the planning of the post Durant era now.

Sad to see him go out like that in the first game of the season. All the best to him, hope he can come back fully from this injury next year, though it will be a difficult thing to do (as mentioned earlier).
Though injuries are a part of the game, strange to see 3 starting QBs and one backup to be injured in the first week of the season. Hopefully that's not an indication of things to come. Hate to see teams decimated by injuries, want to see the best football able to be played during the season. Wonder how long Reilly will be out, hopefully it's not a season ending injury as well.

of course my brain is working - its Glenn not Slack lol

Reggie Slack, now there's a blast from the past! :smiley:

Huge Bummer!! Sucks for him, he was looking pretty good. Doesn't look like we can rely on the D like we have in the past either. Poor effort by the D tonight! :thdn:

DD, Emry, Demski, MacDougall, Green...All hurt in the game.
DD done for the season
I am thinking Emry is done
My guess is Demski for 6, Macdougall a couple weeks

Tough start for any team...Dressler and Brack were already out but apparently are going to be ready for week 2...but it is most likely 3 starting Nationals out for some period. WOW

Couldn't believe it when I read that...


Ricky Ray - 6 games
-competent back up.

Reilly - No Statement
-didn't look good.

Darian Durant - Done
-competent back up

Crompton/LeFevour - ?
-Canadian back up

1 week down, 19 more to go... :smiley: