Durant - is there something amiss?

I have only seen the Riders on TV, so I don't see the whole sideline picture, but it seems like Durant doesn,t have the same enthusiasism, drive, voracity as he has had in the past. I think he has all the qualities to be a very good quarterback but something seems lacking right now. Just one case in point is the time count near the end of the 2nd quarter. He is the man that has to take control on the field, and regardless of what or why they were down to the last 5 seconds he needs to make sure a play is run. There just didn't seem to be any sense of urgency in that situation.

He isnt a pocket QB, end of story.

I agree - we hd success against Montreal with play action and rolling out with Durant running for 71 yards. What possessed the braintrust to go away from that game plan back to sit in the pocket and hope for one of our lacklustre receivers to get open strategy that served us so well in our other 3 losses.

He underthrew a few guys last night, but 2 straight games with no picks.

I thought he played one of his better games of the season, considering Berry kept him in the pocket all night long. He did miss on a few throws, but in most of the cases the receivers weren't open and he was putting it in a spot where only they would have a chance.

I agree Dust. DD looked pretty good out there. No big mistakes, a few drops by receivers, not a pile of passing yards, but a decent outing. I think the biggest issue was not rolling to draw the Stamps LB core in a bit. That would have opened some targets. Honestly, I would say he looked better than Henry.

I still don’t understand what i watched last night? Burris usually stays in the pocket, and he was playaction rolling out. DD is better when he rolls out, and he stayed in the pocket all night. It was like the QB’s decided to swap styles for the game. Anyways, I think our D played well. Berry better start letting DD do what he is capable of, or we aren’t going to see anymore wins this season. Teams use to dread coming to Sask, and now they probably look forward to it. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

There was one throw where Durant wasn't under pressure at all and Dressler was slanting about 9 yards in the middle of the field, Durant threw a bullet into the turf 3 feet in front of Dressler. If Durant had put some cushion under that ball, in the right spot, Dressler could have taken that one for some serious yards.

The problem is, Durant threw it like he was under pressure and like Dressler was in traffic (neither of those were the case). It looks like Durant is seriously uncomfortable in the pocket, even when there's no pressure. He's got to work on that. Just because he's not a pocket passer, doesn't mean he can be a pocket panicker.