Durant is the still our man.

Dubble Dee was the only Roughrider fighting on that play.

There was 55 seconds to go in the season, and Darian Durant was the ONLY Roughrider in a 20 yard radius that was even playing football. Sure he threw a pick, but that's because everybody else had given up instead of playing football.

The losers in the world will call for Durant to fired, traded or let go. If anything, release the entire Oline for giving on the last play of the game to let their QB fend for himself.

Those losers that call for Durant to be blamed don't know anything about football. Get rid of Durant, for what? U want to start Dinwiddie? U want to trade for Jyles?

Get rid of Durant? Give him a raise because he played one play longer than any other Roughrider out there tonight.


Everyone is looking at the pic... and not the HELL OF AN EFFORT he made to get out of the grasp of that sack... WAKE UP PEOPLE... DD had some struggles in the 3rd, sure.. who doesn't struggle? With some re-tooling and some better coaching / planning / scheming we vary well could be back next year.

So what do we need to do this off season?

Names that come to my mind:
Daley, Makowsky, Simpson

Will these guys be back ? Retire?

Durant we will keep, he's done well. We just need to have better offensive planning with less putting ourselves in 2nd and long

We agree on Durant.

Personally, I feel that he would play much better with an OC who planned around his skillset, rather than forcing him to be a pocket passer.

Durant is the future of the Riders. Hopefully, after the debacle that was the Riders' 2nd half play-calling, Berry will quickly become part of the Riders' past.

I totally agree - Durant is the future of the Riders. It's only his second season as a starter and as Thryllin points out he's taken us to the CUP 2 years in a row. Everyone seems to be focussing on the INT but in reality the offside that negated Durant's 12 yard run the play before was actually more critical. Keep your chin up Darian - you're going to bring us several cups in your career.

Totaly the future . . . and I mean next year.