Durant is some what miffed!

Both headlines to Tim Switzer's article
are speculation.

This one...

Bishop in, Crandell out for 'Riders

Tim Switzer, Canwest News Service
Published: Monday, August 25, 2008

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No moves have been confirmed, but it is unlikely
that Crandell will be back in a Roughriders uniform.

Players spoke as if there was no chance
of him returning to the fold.

"It's the harsh reality of the game we play
and it's just a sad day," said QB Darian Durant,

who led Saskatchewan to two wins while Crandell
nursed a hamstring injury earlier this season.

It also looks as though Bishop will be
the Roughriders new starter when he arrives,

which didn't appear to thrill Durant.

"I don't know (Bishop), so I can't say that
I don't want him around," Durant said.

"We were 6-0 with the guys we have.

I don't know ... just, no comment."

"I was told he was the guy

-- plain and simple."

and this one...

Miller deciding on Crandell's future

Tim Switzer , Leader-Post
Published: Sunday, August 24, 2008

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In talking to the media, players sounded as if
it was a done deal and Crandell would not be back.

"It's the harsh reality of the game we play
and it's a sad day," said QB Darian Durant,

who has spent his entire three-year career
with Crandell and the Riders.

"Everything that I know now about the CFL
was mainly because of Marcus and Kerry.

Marcus is like a brother figure to me.

Not just on the field but off the field
and, like I said, it's a sad day."

Miller said nothing is final

and such players comments might be
conjecture on their part.

The football braintrust needs time
to make a decision on what to do now.

Actually Perry Lefko's article and the video
boonedock82 found for us at SPORTSNET.CA

gives us the best understanding of the situation.

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Bishop should start, Crandell done?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Michael Bishop may possibly be
the starting QB this Sunday.

Tillman said Darian Durant will
be held out for one more game.

Tillman said if Michael starts this game
he's not being anointed as the # 1 QB.

Ken Miller will decide that later
but this week is a separate entity.

Tillman discussed a myriad of scenarios with Crandell

and said. "Marcus will in fact be involved in
the rest of the process as it unfolds.

We're trying to be as fair as we can
under the circumstances."

Crandell's immediate future will be a private matter.

There is speculation the team will cut Crandell

before the Sept. 1 deadline

when teams are allowed to cut players
with six years experience in the league.

Denial is such a beautiful thing is it not. I mena you heard Durant say it that he was told Bishop is the man! Either he can not tell the differences of sexes or he is saying that he was told Bishop is the number 1 starting QB. Not to hard to figure out here for some right Jm02. I think Rider nation is split on this decision and if it is at a cost of a future prospect at QB (a good one at that)this was a very dumb move.

I pick this as the funniest post of the week.

Well if Tillman wanted to help Toronto out by taking away their QB conterversy and brought it here to us.

Hopefully they keep Crandell in the organization.

I have to agree with D Durant the team was 6 and 0 with the group they have why a change at QB? Should Tillman not be looking for replacements in the receivers not qb? This could be a turning point for the season for the rider team I hope not but it could very well be. So much for Miller saying this is a team not individual stars.

The same group that had Fantuz, Flick, Chick, Mitchell , Dominguez and Hughes? Now we have Bowman, Dressler, Palmer, Washington and Verdon.. not quite the same group. The only constants are Grant and Cates. Cates is being burnt out by relying on him way too much, and that is not a good thing.

From what I have seen so far most are miffed at the prospect of this dumb situation costing us Durant. There are a few saying if MB suceeds then all is forgiven, but most are not happy.

It's obvious from watching the clip that Durant is pretty close to Crandell. It's not just that he's worried about his own job.

IF no one had done anything in Regina except annoint MC as the Labour Day starter, we'd all be howling with rage over that.

Get a grip. Who says it is costing us Durant? He's still under contract and, like any player, can shop his services around when the contract is up. He could get resigned - he continues to play well and is a team player, he gets a raise, in or out of Sask. Yes, I would like him to stay, but I would have liked Fairholm and Austin and and ...

Like Artie says, the offence is underperforming and a message has to be sent. I find it telling that Durant says the same guys got us to 6-0 without mentioning that the same guys got us to 6-2 - it's like denying the reality of the last two games. No wonder RW05 agrees, just to fan the flames more - you on his side?

Objectively speaking, with MC and Jyles behind DD, his job as a starter on his return could not be more secure, so no wonder he doesn't want changes.

He'll get his chance when he's healthy. When he does, go be the better player, and who your back up is shouldn't matter.

It's supposed to be about what's best for the team. And MC as our starter is no longer what's best for this team. And if our choice after that was between Jyles and Friehauf, if that doesn't cry out for someone to do something, then......

Just remember, red...things are not always what they seem, and jumping to negative conclusions based on one emotional interview shows a lack of research and reasoning abilities...

There are lots of scenarios in all of this, but Durant leaving at the end of the year is certainly one of them. To keep him, we likely need to do two things. Play him and pay him. If he is to be the starter, then you must offer him minimum as much money as Bishop is receiving. To do that, we likely end up paying more to Durant/Bishop than we would have paid to Joseph/Durant. Or at least equivalent amounts. After watching the turmoil at the qB spot this year, why would he sign with us unless it was for a big raise with a promise to start. And even then, he might say "you are kidding me. Promise to start? You mean like the promise to KJ, or to MC?" Sooner or later there is a credibility issue over this type of thing.

Arius, you need to keep perspective. KJ did start. MC did start. What's the credibility issue there? Is the promise to start supposed to go on forever, or even to the end of the year, regardless of performance during the year?

As far as I am concerned, both players were treated like crap by management. If Durant likes being treated like crap, he'll re-sign. If he doesn't, he'll move on. You might have an argument if we hadn't won a Grey Cup last year and KJ wasn't the MOP. Or if we weren't in 1st place right now. Unfortunately, we did and we are. So performance on the field apparently means very little. The message is" win every game, play for next to nothing, or you are gone". Not a particularly healthy message.
In 35 years of watching this team, I've seen a lot of suspect moves. Never seen anything like the qB decisions in the last year....

Really? You must have been drugged during the Bill Quinter era. Stew Fraser made an entire career out of management ineptitude.

I am sitting back here wondering what DD is upset at. I mean the whole time he was playing the riders and him all said when Marcus came back he was the starter. So now when you read some of the comments that are coming out, you have to wonder was DD told something different when he got hurt. Something like the team is yours when you come back. Short of that if I was DD, given Eric's history I wouldn't be saying much.

While I understand the move we need an experience quarterback to lead the team. I do believe both Eric's and Millar's creditibility has been taking a big hit on this one. How can you go from Marcus is the one....he could have won us the grey cup last year....to Marcus is out and we have potentially created a quarterback problem for us.

Well, it depends. History is full of players who look great in practice, seem to grasp everything in meetings, and then are abysmal failures at executing when things count.

Maybe they were genuine in their expectations of Marcus, based on what they saw of him (practice, off-season, 2 training camps, and limited real playing time) and are only now finding out that whatever they thought he had, he ain't got.

Well legalbeagle obvious your head is in a gopher hole. It is apparent my good friend Sambo hit the nail on the head. Crandell did well with all his receivers in the lineup won games. Now that he has receivers that has no chemistry with him is in there Tillman and company figure Bishop will do better. We will have to see come labor day. The point is Durant was right they got to 6 - 0 with Crandell so why a change now? Seems to me it is a bit premature no. You can spin anything you want in to it but this could hurt a team that played as a team up to this point. If Durant feels this way how many others does it affect. If talking about this issue is fanning flames then you really why participate?