Durant is some what miffed!

Well it appears D Durant is not liking the Bishop deal and will look at his options after the season is out. It appears the riders may lose a good prospect out of this brilliant trade.




Asked about Michael Bishop coming to Regina....no comment

Was it a shock....the highest shock level you can have

Do you want Mike Bishop here.....I didn't say I don't want him around, I'm just saing we're 6-0 with the guys we have. Just no comment

It's a sad day around here man.

Everything that I know about the CFL is because of Marcus and Kerry. Marcus was like a brother to me.

I was told Mike Bishop is the #1.

This is te last year of my deal and I'll have to look at the big picture and deal with it after that.


Every player has the potential to be knocked out of their position or ... prove that they are the best to stay in it. They also have the right to shop their services when their contract is up.

Durant was running on emotion, as you would be if you just thought you had the wind knocked out of your sails...I've heard nothing official about Bishop "stealing" Durant's job, and will wait until I do to stir the poop, unlike others who seem to delight in such things.

I guess Tillman and Miller telling his team that Bishop is the man is not official I see.

Until I hear something official from Tillman or Miller about Bishop replacing Durant directly, I'll chalk your comments up to exactly what your history tells me I should...one big steaming pile of defecation rearranging...

Another case of "dont let the facts get in the way of a good troll thread", eh 05?

I first response I gather. He seems more upset that Crandell could be gone. The same could happen between him and another rider QB. The riders have to see their move as the business that it really is. He will get over it and if he doesn't, well such is life.
I didn;t know that red&white was a menber of the rider green zone.

...greenzone isn't the pay portion of the site...

How come when I click on to his original post to get the link it doesm't open?

If Durant is going to pout for the rest the season, maybe he isn't the right QB for the Riders after all. There is nothing official as of yet- no statemets about Crandell's release(at least I haven't seen any), or that Bishop is the no. 1 guy. I don't think he can learn and connect with his new teammates in a little under a week anyway.

Just go to www.greenzonefootball.com and go to "New Audio"...it's all there, and it needs to be listened to with the understanding that things are not always what they appear to be...

Only suspicion, but can almost guarantee that RW05 saw the thread started by curt in the Rider section of this site, copied the link and cast the rod to start the trolling ... again. Why that guy is tolerated on this site is a mystery. I guess the odd quasi-reasonable post out of 14,725 in between all the posts that are either argumentative or solely meant to incite reaction are able to sustain his existence.

I hear Wendy's is looking for a new fry cook, DD, don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Terrible post put Crandells name in there and it makes sence

Coach Miller was on Manitobia sports and quoted as saying that Durant wasn't ready and that they couldn't go into the game with just Jyles and their 4th stringer. They aslo showed the Durant interview. <am was he deprested. Cates was also quoted as saying that maybe some of the riders will bow step up more to the plate and play better.

If I was coach I would be upset if any of my players weren't upset at what looks like a move down the depth chart. It's up to Durant to show his stuff now.

Redwhite who pays you for Stamps? You do same thing every week. Try to stir pot with this Riders problem. That Riders problem. Try to get all of us fans upset. You post more about Riders than the Stamps.

We dont agree with everything Miller and ET do. Or say. But we know this. We are defending Grey Cup champs. And we are 6 and 2. Still looking down at Calgary. But keep trying to stir it up. Jealousy is funny to watch.

Doesn't matter who posted it. If Bishop is the #1 guy then I am not happy. Very unhappy and almost certain it will unravel an unsteady offense. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach to think that Bishop is supposed to be the #1 guy. Durrant waited his turn showed what he had to offer and did nothing but win games...... don't know what else you need to do as a QB to keep your job. I would not be happy if I were him either.

This is bad.

This still isn't good IMO but here is some more info.

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2008/08/24/crandell_riders_over/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... ders_over/[/url]

I wonder if Tillman made any promises of any kind to Bishop? Anyone know?