Durant is now an elite quarterback

Since he taken over as the starter Durant has consistently put the Riders in position to win. Durants play in the playoffs was the best I've seen from that position. This GC win along side his consistent success should shut those nay sayers up and put Durant in discussions when talking about the league's best right now.

I could not agree more, also, here a fact, it was his forth GC first one he was on sidelines, his #4 and 4th GC win, now that's cool! Was so happy for him to finally win it! This I hope will shut up Greenrider, gridiron idiot and the rest up! He earned this win!

I couldn't agree more..

There is no QB in the league that can replace DD right now. He has won a Grey Cup as a back-up and now as a starter. He has lost Grey Cups in heartbreaking fashion...

More importantly, is that DD understands the pressure that comes with being the starting QB in Saskatchewan. Austin couldn't handle it and left... We know DD has a thick skin and can handle the pressure. Just listen to the respectful comments he received from all his teammates after yesterday's GC win.

You can't replace that experience. The only guy right now with that is AC, Ricky Ray or Smilin Hank. And we wouldn't want any of them. Durant is only 31. Our future is very bright in SSK with a more mature DD

I have said it before, and I'll say it again, the Darian Bashers are not true fans.... They are just haters that don't understand the game.

Darian was focused and determined for this game which was good to see and he made a lot of accurate passes ,made good decisions

He was before this game, but now he has the monkey off his back completely. He first became a starter in 2009, and led the team to 2 Grey Cups in his first 2 seasons.

5-1 in the Semi Finals and Finals
1-2 in Grey Cup games

3-0 in West Final games.

Please promise that you will stick by your comments next season, when the Riders lose a few.

I have been a Darian supporter since the 2008 season before he broke his ribs so I will stick by my comments until the day he retires

This is an example of a DD post that IS relevant in 2014. Not that other one from 2011.

While I will agree Durant had a very good season and playoffs as a matter of fact he was lights out good. That being said in the Grey Cup game the first quarter was an adventure. When Durant got popped and that ball came straight up and Mr Sheets being Johnny on the spot grabbed it and romped off a big gain that was the turning point in my opinion. Still I will say Durant was smart and didn't force anything and once he settled down really got into a rhythm and never looked back.
I have in the past and will still criticize him or any player that does not play to their potential every single game. On the other hand I'm quick to acknowledge a well played game by any player. I'm not a Durant supporter or a Durant basher I am a Rider's fan first and foremost and winning is all that matters. I will support any rider player as long as they give it 100% effort every game.
Like I said he had a very good year last year but this is a new season and I expect the same effort and performance from him and his team mates again.