I am following this kid play and he is really improving. He is learning to throw the quick passes and has a good deep touch..

I like the fact he is not fumbling anymore and is taking care of the ball. He is also running hard and putting a lot of effort on QB runs.

Durant is throwing good passes, patient and more importantly throwing the ball on tight routes to BAGG and others, he was reading the bombers D very well and taking what they give him. He is going more short now, and also can still throw the ball deep--

Once the great FANTUZ comes back it wil give him that huge possession receiver at 6'8 to snag all the balls over the middle. That will be huge for Durant--

This guy is going to be the next DAMON ALLEN i can feel it---

no wonder fantuz's hamstrings were sore he must have grown about 4 inches lol

If he can improve accuracy on the deep ball, we may have a decent QB.I have to admit he is getting better and better. But he is consistent on overthrows still. Dressler was full out straight downfield and hardly touched and DD still overthrew him by at least 10 yards, for jst one example. However, I was very impressed with how much he has improved and is reading D much better after the snap.

To be fair, both those overthrows were when a large wind was behind him, which can cause a ball to sail.

Also there were a couple of end zones passes that should have been caught but just like the odd one gets overthrown the odd one gets dropped.

he can only get better! that much is obvious! :slight_smile:

they're doing the right thing by giving him a chance to do his job!

it's just like Burris when he started, or Calvillo..

I haven't been as impressed. He's coming along --- slowly.

He is improving, as some have mentioned, and he's getting the chance. But he's still far from an elite QB.

Fortunately for us, and him, our receiving corps is ridiculous. Every single play he seems to have a WIDE open receiver. It's just really frustrating when he misses that wide open receiver badly and it goes for an interception.

With time, he should be able to overcome that -- at least you would hope.

Well, of the 'youngish' QBs in the CFL trying to establish themselves as quality starters, he's ahead I'd say of Pierce, Jackson, LeFors, Porter, and Pickett.

Don't forget he's also ahead of Kevin Glenn and Michael Bishop … but then so is my grandmother … and she's dead.

Yes he's far from an elite QB but with 13 CFL starts ? over 2 years give him time ? remember Calvilio in Hamilton ?
Durant has improved a lot this year wait till next year with a full season behind him !

(protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in their's )

This guy is playing in front of the hardest fans, with no real run game this year, and many receivers out of the lineup--

Junior Damon Allen is in the making. I like the way he is changing his game, he also seems to me LIKE A WINNER--

When the game is in the AIR I want Junior Damon Allen with the ball, he has showed he can win games late in this league--

He can run and throw and is not throwing the int's and is very good leader--

As my British friend was yelling at the TV, this QB is bloody brilliant.