Durant is done.. his last chance and he failed.

Darian messed up 3 times and he did not play well.

if he comes back in this game, i'll be surprised.

this guy should not be back.

Durant is going to be this. Our great qb. Most people on here said it. Miller is a fool. He should have played Durant every game. Tillman is a fool to. Never should have traded for Bishop. That is what people said.

3 interceptions for Durant in 1st half. Every time I said we could win with Bishop. Every time I said Bishop was playing without Cates and Dominguez and Fantuz and Flick. People called me kool aid drinker. Riders got 2 of there best players back today. Cates and Dominguez. Durant shows he isnt qb of future. 3 interceptions in 1 half. Miller is a lot smarter than people who called him fool for not playing Bishop.

Just because Durant came in and played bad doesn't mean that Bishop is a good quarterback, that is just silly to deduct that.

I am very disappointed in Durant today, but I don't think he should have been pulled IMO. I don't know what to think I don't like Bishop as a QB (as much as he may be the best option for the rest of the year), don't know what to think about Durant he bitched and complained got his shot again and layed an egg, Jyles doesn't look good he makes one read and sticks with it.

What a friggin mess at QB.

Not a happy Rider fan atm.

ah, well. I think we need to take a serious look at what's coming next year from other teams. it's really sad when we have 4 QB's over the year and none of them are capable of having good games all the time.

Bishop was also able to sit there for 5 weeks with only having 1 good game. Bishop did the same as Durant but he finished the game also and got the pull with 2 mins left. Durant has only the wasted minutes when the game is long gone and is there just so they can finish that game. Durant was moving the sticks mostly with his legs but he was still moving the chains. You've got two games left before playoffs and Miller keeps changing quarterback. Are we going to do this during playoffs too??? At this point in the season you got to pick a quarterback and ride or die with him for the rest of the season... I just hope it's not Bishop.

But if Bishop threw 3 interceptions in 1 half. You would say Bishop should be pulled. Say the trade was bad.

Uh austin, Bishop is inconsistent at best. I guarentee you if Bishop doesn't throw 2 ints in the endzone last week its a lot closer game. You cannot go deep all the time and expect to win. Jyles and Durant, if nothing else, did a way better job at managing the game today and didn't put all the pressure on the defense to win the game.

Bishop - 32 years old

Durant - 26 years old

Got to let the young guys try and ride it out, plus I am biased I don't like Bishop, but my confidence in Durant is waining that is forsure. I am more upset at the fact that we havn't been able to find consisten quarterbacking at all this year.

We may possibly end up with a better record this year in the regular season than last year, but last year when we were playing well we were a dominant team. I have yet to watch the Riders come out and be a dominant team this year. We have kept ourselves in there but I have yet to see us pound a team into the ground like we were able to do last year.

No need to go with the younger guys this year. Tate is as good as gone(I hope), Durant is probably leaving if anyone will take him now(his value just dropped today), and Jyles well is Jyles(One look reads and telescoping throws). We have no Qb for the future in any of these guys. I say start Bishop and give him the early hook if he isn't moving the ball. After that it doesn'tmatter which on is sent in.

Ive said this before and I will say it again.. Durant was great in the games he played when the Riders went 6-0 because the team was great. Now that the team is average, so are the QBs, it doesnt matter which one is playing. I believe that Durant will be the starter again next week, and how long he stays in the game depends on how good/bad he plays.

Steven Jyles played well. The Eskimos were once high on him and there is probably no team in the league that knows young QBs like the Eskimos do. The Eskimos let him go only because Jason Maas was sent back and the Eskimos were more than happy to do that.

Durant? Nice running today but interceptions loose ball games and now is the time to tell players there are no second chances. It is a matter of a home playoff game versus cross over with not even the benefit of a good amateur draft next year to take the sting out of falling in the standings.

I still think Bishop can play well if given the chance to play with Dominguez, Flick, Fantuz, Bowman and Dressler as the 5th receiver not to mention Wes Cates. This crew with a solid O'line could make the 'rider offense next year the best one ever. I still think Bishop is the man for the present as these guns start to return.

But for 09... Bishop, Jyles, and Bell in that order with Bell being the long term guy.

wow relax people Durant moved the ball quite well he looked rusty and was forcing the ball to much in the red zone, i still belive he should start next game, Jyles played a good game but took him quite sometime to move the ball which worried me, Durnat deserves another start i would not be confident going into the playoffs with Jyles running the offence. looking around the league the Riders with the Qbs they have are in better shape then most teams, look at the Bombers for one rely on Glenn for another year and if he gets hurt they are done, Durant CAN be the future its his 1st friken year and people are so quick to judge :roll: will be nice to see many here eat there words

I am a Jyles fan, he threw 50 yards on a rope on the run. I like the fact he can scramble..he is a work in progress...He could also turn out to be another Bishop/Joesph clone... Kent Austin we need you!!
Durant should be given another chance...he does a lot of things well... those interceptions were poorly thrown balls and maybe just rust... both Jyles & Durant took off without hesitation also bods well and both seem quicker than Bishop.

I especially liked the misdirection plays, this obsessive up the gut running is so predictable, nice to see them change it up.

I would be totally shocked if we get 2nd place, and if we don't get a pass rush on Ray... its lights out and crossover.

We are playing horribly atm as a team.

Key areas that need immediate attention

Improve pass rush by 4 down linemen.
Punt & kickoff returns below average.
Punt & kickoff coverage below average
Punting below average
Poor game plans & coaching decisions
Stupid penalties
Losing the turnover battles - fumbles & interceptions.

We did not play well enough to win today, with 4 interceptions somehow we did..at least thats 1 good thing we have not lost... we never give up

I am starting to be a Jyles fan. 12 for 14 and a touchdown is a good outing in relief. That interception is the only gliche. He had a good half game. Durant's mistakes turned a potiental blow out for the 'riders (2 end zone interceptions) into a very tight game against a motivated Ti-Cat team.

I would be fine next year with Bishop, Jyles and Bell...

Also hats off to the Regina boys, both Getzlaf and Hughes. It is nice seeing them involved in game other than punt coverage.

I premise my comments with this statement: since the beginning of the year, I have not had a preference of one QB over the other and only care that we win.

Having said that, I also think that Durant should start again. Apart from his picks, he really did show leadership and courage as he really was moving the ball - he wouldn't have had two endzone picks if he hadn't been moving the O that far. If it is rust, playing time is the oil. But I also think that Miller did the right thing in pulling him. We won't have the same margin of error with Edmonton but I would say he should do the same thing next game and put in Jyles if the same mistakes get made. Even the the biggest Jyles skeptic (and there have been lots of them on this board and elsewhere) has got to admit that he did pretty good - had, what, 2 incompletions and also showed leadership and courage.

I just don't see it as negatively as some. If we had started the year saying we are going to do the Burgess/Austin thing, it would have been accepted. Now that it is happening, in fact, even if it was not planned, it can be seen as having options.

I think Durant deserves the start I liked jyles he may telegraph his throws but him and Durant play alot smarter than Bishop I missed seeing those QB draw plays and there were a few misdirections and more advanced plays this game we didnt see that with Bishop our Offence is to predictable with Bishop. To be honest im kind of optimistic about our situation Durant and Jyles both smart and can scramble Bishop one hell of an arm and rolls out nice we right now have 3 not great but average QB’s who at anytime can step in and play all three know how to win even if it is playoff time heck it seems crazy but crazy is all we’ve got right now. GO RIDERS GO

Well said Legalbeagle.

I felt Durant was making good decisions, he just wasn’t executing them well. I think he had a bit of the case of the jitters. I am glad they pulled him, but I still think they should start him.

I agree with those saying Durant should start again. He made some bad throws, but not necessarily bad decisions. When he was pressured he threw it away, which is the right play instead of forcing it like Bishop did. He didn't make any poor decisions by tossing it up into double coverage and he didn't badly over throw anyone to the point it was picked off. He just didn't seem to be placing the ball well today, and was victimized tossing to guys that weren't very open.

I still say you give him the chance to start next week.

Durant should get the start again. He was moving the ball well with his legs, something Bishop hasn't done all year. He made some mistakes but this is his first start in quite a few games. I can't believe how many people are ready to throw this guy under the bus already. Also, Jyles did a good job today, he's our third string QB and he came in and did what he needed to to win. It's unbelievable how some fans get on these guys. I think Durant will do a lot better next week.
If anything I was disappointed with our defense a bit. No pressure on the QB, gave up too many big plays.

The riders are undefeated with Durant starting and Jyles backing him up. (4-0)

I thought Durant moved the offence really well. I still love watching the guy play. With Durant in there, it’s a very entertaining football team. Durant and the Riders completely outplayed Hamilton while he was in there. The turnovers will sort themselves out. He made good decisions on those plays, but failed in the physical execution of them.

I say we’ve got to give Durant/Jyles the Edmonton game. They give us the running threat that we were supposed to get from Bishop and the opportunities that was supposed to give us.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather see them march the field and have Durant pick a defence apart with Szarka and Getzlaf and some QB draws than to see Bishop - Dressler once in a blue moon.

Wonder what Crandell is up to these days? (I remember saying we should 9-game him instead of cutting him, because we’d probably be shopping for QB’s right about now and could have used him as a coach for the past few months)