Durant is CFL's highest paid player?

not sure how a link on some old football games relates to 'All NA leagues'

As far as wages being released, again, you are making broad assumptions and attempting to state it as fact. Did you ever think that many contracts might have a DNR option for the players to initial if they choose as a part of the CPA legislation?

EA's Madden NFL has been around for 26 years. The CFL did have a video game from what I'm told, it was early 90's I think? Can't remember as that was when I was born haha. I do think the CFL should have their own game by now, a little ridiculous that they don't have one considering they want younger generations of fans for the future. Hell make it in partnership with TSN, like ESPN 2k Series. Call it the "CFL on TSN: 2016. Or just CFL: 2016. Boom. Make it for the the Xbox One and PS4, i'll be the first buyer.

Here is an interesting write up on CFL Madden:

[url=http://dorkshelf.com/2014/12/02/the-search-for-a-cfl-video-game/]http://dorkshelf.com/2014/12/02/the-sea ... ideo-game/[/url]

If any team can afford to pay their QB it is the Riders, who literally print as much as they want with over the top profit each year.