Durant is CFL's highest paid player?

no disrespect to Durant although I had thought Ray was the highest paid given his perennially high passer ratings year after year, not to mention 3 Grey Cup rings under his belt. (the most of all active QB's)

IIRC, just prior to his departure from the Esks Ray pulled in a then league high of approx. $500,000 per although agreed to a pay cut after joining the Argos.

[b]CFL News @CFL_News .@PentonKirk - #CFL's highest paid player @dariandurant made all the throws and said his arm “is as strong as it's ever been.? #Riders[/b]

From what I understand he had a base salary of 415000 plus incentives

does not Burris make more than that at $450,000 per?
and I believe Ray is in the same neighborhood as Burris as well.

So what if he is? He's a proven winner in the playoffs and puts up pretty good numbers throughout the regular season. Not to mention what he does for the community.

Backloaded contracts…

take it easy GW.
I just thought that Ray was the highest paid is all, and was surprised when Penton tweeted that Durant held that honor.

no need to get so defensive. geeez whiz.

Relax dude. Just a question. Not getting defensive. So what if he is?

I bet he probably is the highest paid. He is in the 2nd year of his contract which is rumored to be backloaded (I believe someone already mentioned this) and I think Ricky Ray is getting near the end of his contract. Does anyone know for sure what year he is in with regards to his contract? Also Burris reworked his contract this off season so I assume he makes less now.

However I would assume that if Ricky has a great year he will once again be the highest paid player for probably his last contract.

read above.

and for the record, I have no problem if Durant is the highest paid. He's certainly earned his keep.
I also have no problem if Ray, Burris, Lulay, Bo Levi or even Alex Brink were the highest paid.

all the power to anyone who can make decent scratch while they can.

Fair enough. Ray's a good qb, but to keep your allstar qb you've got to pay him. Maybe Toronto should pay Ray more if they feel he's the best in the league. I'm glad my team has a qb who can win games.

I thought the word was that DD was getting up to 10% of cap with incentives.

Travis Lulay’s contract was quoted “in excess of $475,000 per season” by Lowell Ullrich, the Province newspaper’s CFL reporter.

CFL contracts are almost always quoted as “maximum” salaries which includes all bonuses and incentives. For example, Travis might have a $425k base salary (which includes signing & roster bonuses), $10k for divisional all-star, $15k for league all-star; $30k for most outstanding player. I’ve read that Darian Durant was earning $410k, but the Riders are a bit different than most teams and their players “base” salaries are often leaked to the media, not their potential maximum salary. So Darian could very well have a $500k contract, all in.

When Ricky Ray came back from the NFL, he signed a 4-year deal with the Esks which paid him a $440k base salary + $250k signing bonus + incentives. Yes, that was a $2 million contract. Ricky got a raise to $515k, then had his salary cut to $430k by GM Tillman and was traded. There were some reports out of Toronto that Ricky was earning only $300k but Hogtown is so far out of the loop with regards to the CFL they can’t be relied upon…or was that just some Rogers hack trying to discredit the Argos and CFL for some reason?

Durant is the highest played player? He’s not even the best QB in the league… Whatever, less salary cap space for the Riders haha

Cue the peanut gallery

Things would be so much easier if some of the higher end contracts were made public

There's no way Durant's base salary is the highest in the league. I believe he received a large signing bonus (200kish) when he signed his latest extension, and his base salary is something around 225k.

I've heard 415 with ability to make up to 5

Contracts were all made public back in the 80s in North America,, The CFL is litterally 35 years behind in this reguard... All North American league also has a video game 35 years ago.. So this just continues in the same thought of mind that the CFL is not a real league... So sad really.. There is no excuse for the CFL to be this backwards... NONE AT ALL!!!! It is a 200 million dollar business running on the mentality that it is still a 30 million dollar business.. pathetic!!!!!

there were not games for every league 35 years ago. 35 years ago most people didn’t own a computer and video game councils were in their infancy. Also, what makes you think it is the CFL alone that does not want salaries reveled?

[url=http://www.gamespot.com/articles/the-history-of-football-games/1100-6130897/]http://www.gamespot.com/articles/the-hi ... 0-6130897/[/url]

OF CORUSE COMPANIES DONT WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW WHAT EACH OTHER EARN.. tHat is how the underpay people.. I have worked on job sites where you can be fired if you discuss your salary. Non union of course..