Durant Injury.?

I can’t remember if it was the NFL or CFL who were talking about automatic ejections for multiple personal fouls in a game. It should certainly be looked at.

It's easy to sit home on the couch and rewind , slow down and rewatch the play a 100 times .... You don't take in to account how fast the game is and how much momentum is created by huge bodies flying around . It was an awkward and miss timed tackle . It's not dirty and nobody on the TSN crew called it dirty , nobody from the Riders called it dirty and the league has not issued any fines . Just a few, frustrated Rider fans are upset that Buck Durant is hurt ... again !

I realize this is a discussion topic but really intended or not he was penalized. Had he been removed out of the game and fiend it still would not change the fact that Durant is injured and that the Riders lost. No one can say for sure if he intended to injure or not? Injuries are part of this game as fans we all need to accept that fact. The league has implemented the low hit penalty and it was applied. I truly believe Murphy the head ref for this game was the worst part of the game. He was just out right terrible. When refs are bad you will notice the game play gets dirtier and if anything the CFL should penalize Murphy. It became very apparent after he was called an butthole that he had it out for the Lions no doubt about it. The miss call on roughing the passer with Jenkins made this very obvious as Murphy was right on top of the play had full view and no flag. Pathetic I like a game called as they see it none of this BS. Murphy should be called on it. It was a great game both teams played very well and I have to say the Riders are not far from getting their team up to winning. I dislike the riders and lions but I have to say both teams played well. DB's for the riders are their weak point right now and for the Lions they have got to the level to compete with everyone.
But it is truly sad that a ref screws up a game so badly as Murphy did.

It is done in several leagues...both the NFL and CFL tabled it this offseason...the CFL said no...the NFL's new rule is 2 unsportsmanlike and you get ejected. I tend to think that the CFL will pass it this offseason or next.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not upset with the on field officials for missing the odd call. But like you said, I can watch the replay in slo mo, and I did and I know a cheap shot when I see one in slo mo. That's what this is.

And as for Durant's injury, so long as it's not season ending or career threatening, it's not a big deal to me as I have not been under any illusion that the Riders will have a realistic chance at playoffs this year, so Durant missing 2-6 games means nothing to their season, so no damage done there.

Whether Durant was injured or not is not the point however. It's the action by brooks, his intent and his responsibility for the action that matters, regardless of any injuries caused or not caused. The action is what should be disciplined for.

Bottom line, Brooks made a dirty play (one of at least 2 for him during the game). Just like Newsome did to Jennings in the second half. Both equally bad and have no place in our game.