Durant Injury.?

Area51 seems to think this was a dirty hit that put him out. I honestly thought the guy was trying to let up... Where do you stand on this?

Looks to me like he tripped over one of the Rider linemen's foot. If you watch his right leg, it seems to drag rather than come forward like it normally would have.

Not sure he would have tried to let up, as he was definitely going for the hit, but with the trip, there's no way he could stop himself, and it caused him to hit Durant low. But I don't believe he meant to go low, so no suspension or fine.

But the way the rule is written, it's an automatic penalty no matter what caused him to hit him low. Unfortunately, the poll doesn't have an option for what I think - no let up but no intent to injure, penalty.

Area51 makes it sound like he did it on purpose. Glad to see, while my poll options werent perfect, that Im not alone in thinking it was just a freak injury.

He was failing pretty awkwardly himself before he got to Durant, so he didn't have a way to stop himself. It sucks that it happened, but I don't see that as suspension worthy.

It was accidental.

Agreed. IMO there was no doubt there was going to be a roughing the passer worthy hit but the D-Lineman lost his balance and effectively threw a falling cross-body block.

But is it?

Just playing devil’s advocate, here, but wasn’t the first point of contact his hand on Durant? I thought roughing the passer was only when the first point of contact was below the knee or above the head.

I could be wrong, but that was how it looked to me.

(c) All rushing defenders must attempt to avoid forcibly hitting a passer in the pocket, at or below the knees, either if their path to the passer was unrestricted, or if they are coming off a blocker,
The rule doesn't say anything about it being the initial point of contact. So my interpretation is that the penalty had to be called, regardless of intent or cause.


I never actually read the rule.

I believe there is also an element based just on the lateness of the hit, regardless of where.

It was a miss timed tackle, no intent to injure at all ! I know some Rider fans want the death penalty but not like their exactly partial on this one :smiley:

(d) Attacking the passer who, after releasing the ball, is either standing still or fading backwards and is obviously out of the play and remains out of the play,
Yes there is; however, there is some judgment allowed in that call as to how late a hit can be. This one was perhaps late, but it was definitely low and in the pocket.

Bottom line is Riders have to give Edmonton how ever many draft picks they want for Franklin. Durant going injury free for even a half dozen games seems out of the question for the rest of his career. The future is now for Rider Q.B. As for giving up draftpicks who the hel l cares. All draft picks are in this league now is an opportunity to groom a player for the future team he goes to after the initial 2 year deal is done and the chequebook comes out at free agency, when he's ready to be an impact player. You don't build teams anymore you buy them.

Area 51 is a Argo fan. Whats his excuse

I dunno about that, most Rider fans seem to think it was borderline, not blatant.

I haven't actually seen the replay more than when I was at the game and it was hard to tell if he was pushed or tripped on that particular play. One of the things that takes away my giving him the benefit of the doubt was the fact that he was tagged with 3 major penalties on the QBs in the first half of that game alone. He had that nasty facemask early on to Durant, and also hit Gale in the head after Durant had exited the game. I would think he's going to face at least a fine for 3 majors in a half of football. Playing that recklessly possibly should have gotten him ejected from the game, although that's the officials discretion.

I'm sure Wally wasn't pleased either as his penalties led to 17 points after extending drives.

I wasn't unaware of this.
The CFL should borrow from soccer.
1 major foul and you get a yellow. Two major fouls and you are gone.
If the secind major foul occurs with less than 5 minutes left in the game, then you are gone for the next game too. These suspensions donf effect your pay, to keep the PA out of it.

It was not intentional although he did roll on his ankle. When I played that would not have been a penalty but in looking at the injury I think it must be a high ankle sprain.

Those sprains take 4 to 6 weeks to heal properly but with it being DD’s Plant foot I can see it taking 8-10 weeks. Hopefully Gale will continue to progress but I do not see the Green Whites winning more than 3 to 5 games this season.

I thought the facemask was way worse....for me it is not that he committed a major foul that caused injury....and it was a major foul clearly as it was low...not sure how people can deny that, doesn't matter if it is intentional or not...that is how it is called...it was the fact he got 3 in a game....all on QBs. Take any one of these and you can pretty much shrug it off...it happens....but 3 should elevate to further discipline by the CFL...I would be shocked if it doesn't based on what we have seen so far this season.

It was totally intentional. He was not pushed by another player. He was being held actually (mildly held). He throws his arms in the air to embellish the hold and try to draw a flag. Then he flings his body in the opposite direction of the way that he’s being pulled just to try to break the QBs legs.

Then what no one else seems to mention is Newsome doing the exact same thing to Jennings (minus the hold I believe) to even up the score in the 2nd half.

Disgusting behavior by both of them, should both be thrown out for cheap crap like that.